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IMPA has the U.S. version of the movie poster for David Fincher‘s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Bryan Cranston talks to Collider about playing Cohaagen in the upcoming Total Recall remake.

“I took a different path as you will see.  My path was that the Hauser character – the man I knew before his memory was erased – I am so fond of.  He is a protégé of mine and I love this kid.  To me, to find him and to capture him was about trying to restrain an unruly teenager of mine.  I have no intention of causing him any long term damage, but he needs to be punished.  He is acting out.  I have to find him and give him some tough love.  So that was my whole point.  It is that I love him and I want to protect him at all costs, but he is just testing me.  He is being challenging like a teenager would be.  That is my whole approach to it as opposed to the “I want him dead!” kind of feeling.  I want him alive and when it gets to a point where that might not be possible it breaks my heart.” … “It is going to be great.  I really love this new script and I think you will love it.  I really do.”

Patrick Boivin created this stop-motion animated short film Michael Jackson vs Mr. Bean.

Anime powerhouse FUNimation sued more than 1,400 BitTorrent users who allegedly downloaded the martial arts movie The Legend Is Born: IP Man.

/Film reader Alex W sent in this photo of him buying a Rocket Poppeteer at a 7-11, a viral marketing stunt for JJ AbramsSuper 8.

While /Film reader Steve Z offers a better look at the sign:

The final submission deadline for the 2012 SXSW Film Festival is November 15, 2011, which doesn’t allow filmmakers to wait and see if they get accepted to Sudnance before submitting.

Practical Pictures is developing Platinum’s graphic novel Alien At Large! into a movie.

AICN has posted a rarely seen behind the scenes photo from Back to the Future, featuring Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly.

Sarah Silverman is working on a new television pilot script with her The Sarah Silverman Program collaborators Jon Schroeder and Dan Sterling.

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