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The website Mantia offers some awesome computer/iphone/ipad desktop wallpapers, including the wallpaper from Andy’s room from the Toy Story films (pictured above), the carpet from the Overlook Hotel in The Shining, among many others.

Forbes Magazine has published their list of the 15 wealthiest fictional characters of 2011. Topping the list is Scrooge McDuck who is now worth $44.1 billion due to the 30% increase in gold prices over the last year.

The Walt Disney Imagineers are replacing the hitchhiking ghost animatronics in Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion with interactive computer generated counterparts. Before you get angry, watch the clip above, and be amazed.

Sony has introduced its first 4K digital video camera, the CineAlta F65, at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters). Sony executives claim that “It’s only a mater of time before 4K becomes a standard in cinema,” and they are probably right. The camera, which is being aimed to replace 35mm cameras in movie productions, has an 8K 20-megapixel CMOS image sensor, with approximately 20 megapixels and 16-bit RAW output. The camera’s 4K resolution is four times the size of the commonly used 2K cameras being used today (note: RED cameras can handle 4K), and it offers a “wide dynamic range, wide color reproduction and low light sensitivity.”

It looks like Nerd Herd, the tech department of the Best Buy like electronics retail chain featured in the television series Chuck, will be coming to San Diego for Comic Con.

Scott Weinberg lists the 50 best horror films released from 2000 to 2009, and Pan’s Labyrinth lands at #1.

Disney has released a 2 minute Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides featurette titled “From Disneyland to the Big Screen” which would have been cooler if it spent some time to show just how much the ride has influenced this film, and the prior trilogy. I would love to see a video comparing the references from the ride that made it to the movies, and the movie references and characters that made it to the theme park.

Time Out Magazine has an article on why film projectionists as we know them, are on the verge of extinction — going from mechanical operators to IT geeks. “While a 35mm projector is a mechanical device with moving parts, a digital projector – aside from the lamp – is very much a piece of IT. Projectionists who have been able to strip down and reassemble a 35mm projector with their eyes closed are suddenly being presented with a box and an on-off switch.”

Funko! will be releasing cute little POP! Figures for Pixar film properties.

Michael Bay has posted on his website forums to debunk a Transformers: Dark of the Moon rumor that Soundwave’s alt mode is the white Mercedes-Benz that Carly was spotted driving on set:  “Mercedes would never let us make their car into a bad Decepticon. Car company’s really frown on that – I can’t say what the game company and comics do that’s their own thing. They don’t have the same constraints movies do. It’s Carly’s car.”

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