Jonny from Zero Gravity Entertainment created this recreation of a scene from The Lion King for a christening cake. [btw]

Trivia: Disney bosses scared child star Donnie Dunagan (the voice of Bambi) into thinking his mother was in trouble so that he’d sound authentically panicked for the film’s pivotal death scene.

Someone created a movie trailer mash-up of Cowboys & Aliens and Rango.

Moviefone lists 50 of the best music scenes in movies

Here is a vintage behind the scenes photo of Stanley Kubrick and Malcolm McDowell on the set of A Clockwork Orange.

Shortlist lists Impractical superhero outfits.

The German release of Exit Through the Giftshop includes limited edition stickers and postcards.

FlavorWire lists 10 Movie Scenes and the Foods They Ruined Forever.

Kevin Wada has created a poster for the movie Clue.

Den of Geek lists 12 movie characters to turn to for advice when Yoda’s not around.

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