Howard Stern spent some of Saturday afternoon live-tweeting behind the scenes commentary for HBO’s airing of his movie Private Parts.

This isn’t the first time an actor or writer has live-tweeted a commentary: Massawyrm pointed out that Joe Lynch has done it from Wrong Turn 2, Simon Pegg live tweeted a television airing of Shaun of the Dead, Darren Lynn Bousman briefly tweeted a commentary to one of his Saw films, and Mr Beaks points out that author @jonronson live-tweeted commentary for Men Who Stared at Goats. So it seems like Stern is not the first writer or actor to live tweet their own movie on Twitter, but he is by far the most popular person to ever do it.

Roberto Orci tweeted an update on the Star Trek 2 script. Looks like a draft is due the last week of March, which could mean a Summer 2011 production start. [trekmovie]

Mini Geek Deal: Barnes & Noble has Bambi Diamond Edition Combo Pack (Blu-ray) for $12.79 after applying $10 off code W3U3X4T at checkout.

That’s just wrong of the day: /Film reader Will H sends me this video which mashs up the celebration of the people in Egypt with the Ewok celebration from the end of Return of the Jedi.

Writer/Director Florian Gallenberger is moving forward with a Milli Vanilli Biopic. [deadline]

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