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SuperPunch has turned Dan Hipp‘s drawing of Clone Troopers and Boba Fett into computer desktop wallpaper.

Fuckyeahlost has a set of Lost-themed Valentine’s Day cards.

New Mexico is having a Film and Media Day on February 16, 2011 in Santa Fe, New Mexico on the corner of Paseo de Peralta & Old Santa Fe Trail from 10AM – 3PM, which includes an open casting call for The Avengers. [comingsoon]

MTV has a scene from the direct-to-dvd sequel S.W.A.T. 2: Firefight. (thanks to /Film reader Lascelles L)

Hasbro has announced at Toy Fair over the weekend, that Indiana Jones toys are coming back. A 5th wave of Raiders of the Lost Ark wave will be coming out, including Indy, Toht, Marion, Satipo, German Mechanic, and Indy in German Disguise. [theforce]

Josh Ellingson photographed this statue of the alien water creature from The Abyss was taken at ILM. [super]

Cinematical lists the five weirdest Shakespeare movie adaptations.

Clothes on Film has a featurette focusing on Mary Zophres‘ costume design work of the Coen Brothers’ True Grit. (thanks to /Film reader Lascelles L)

Michael Fassbender talks to SHH about how much of Magneto’s origin story we’ll see in X-Men: First Class:

“We see the stuff that’s happening in the concentration camp, you see that, but you don’t see that relationship (with Magda). I’ve just held that for my own personal use (in developing) the character, so when we meet him at the beginning of this film, he’s definitely a lone wolf. He’s on a mission and he’s uncompromising and then he bumps into Charles, literally collides into him, and then it’s the development of their relationship and really exploring that during the ’60s and the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King an Malcolm X.”

Upcoming Pixar has the full press release details for the upcoming Blu-ray release of Brad Bird‘s The Incredibles. You can preorder the blu-ray now on Amazon for $29.99. It hits store shelves on April 12th 2011.

The AV Club teaches you how to breakup from a relationship, through the help of movies.

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