Someone has compiled a video showing the NFL’s “Best Fans Ever” Super Bowl commercial showing side-by-side comparison with the original scenes.

Movieline takes a look at the short history of The Muppets at the Grammys.

David Poland explains why The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Scientists should be privately begging Banksy to show up for the Academy Awards.

Kevin Smith shares his thoughts with MTV on Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot:

“I love it! Zack Snyder is a fantastic director. He’s a true director, put on this Earth to direct film ’til the day he dies. I love everything he’s done so far, even that f—ing owl movie made me cry. I’m a big fanboy for Zack.” …  “In terms of studio filmmakers, him, [Christopher] Nolan, [David] Fincher, they don’t execute, they elevate. They do something that in a million years I could never do — take someone else’s script and make it their own.”

Elton John talks to Rotten Tomatoes about his five favorite movies: The Godfather 2, All About Eve, The Exorcist, Blazing Saddles, and The Lives of Others.

Old Murder House Theatre presents a live-action stage performance of Back to the Future at Austin Texas’ Alamo Drafthouse Highball.

Trivia: The Fighter star Amy Adams “is in impressive company: she’s 1 of only 7 women to score 3 supporting actress nods in 6 years.” [Scott Fienberg]

My Name is Earl alums Jaime Pressley and Ethan Suplee will guest star on the tv series Raising Hope. [EW]

Cinemash-up: Fincher’s Fight Club is subverted by “Kiss with a Fist” by Florence + The Machine.

Run Lola Run helmer Tom Tykwer’s Three will be released in theaters by Strand Releasing. [indiewire]

Cedar Rapids director Miguel Arteta gives The Playlist a rundown on many of his failed projects.

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