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animated The Shining gif thanks to IWDRM

Check out this retro X-Men poster by Sean Hartter, on sale here.

Jeff Bridges tells Metro that he would consider doing a sequel to The Big Lebowski: “Oh, absolutely. But I wouldn’t count on that. It doesn’t seem like something the Coen brothers would be interested in, but then again they’re always about surprising us so who knows, maybe they’ll surprise us again.”

Former Smallville star Michael Rosenbaum turned down a finale appearance as Lex Luthor. [EW]

January Jones talks to MTV about appearing half-naked in X-Men: First Class.

Empire Magazine lists 11 Ways To Get The Spidey Reboot Right.

/Film reader Joe Havasy has created this awesome Ghostbusters/Super Mario Bros mash-up “Boo-Busters!”. Prints are available on Etsy.

Cinematographer Wally Pfister on the look of Inception: “For ‘Inception,’ Chris wanted a naturalistic look in the photography to reinforce the notion that dreams can feel incredibly real when we are in them,” says Pfister. “That way, when we do introduce an element of dreamworld surreality, it can be subtle, yet still effective. Sometimes, the dream world was set off from the “real” world of the film with the use of slow motion imagery achieved through high speed photography at frames rates as high as 1500 fps using specialized cameras. These high-speed scenes often required incredible amounts of light.” [variety]

Pop Crunch lists the 10 Most Controversial Comedians of All Time.

WTF: Take a look at this creepy Japanese Alien movie clip found on Uniquedaily.

An AICN reader has seen Gore Verbinski’s Rango, here is an excerpt from his early reaction:

“I would not ever deem to be a kid’s film in a million years. … but in many ways this is the most adult animated film I’ve seen in quite some time. It’s smart, it’s dark, and above all, it’s dangerous. At least it feels that way. The film is full of some surprisingly dark imagery and situations, and even though nothing explicit is ever actually put on screen, it sure as hell feels like it is, which ostensibly gives the film some nice heft.  … There is no doubt about it; Rango is a real western through and through. From the photography, to the thrilling shootouts and chases, to the immersive mystery about the town’s missing water, complete with its surprisingly ballsy reveal, the film takes itself deadly seriously. … Nickelodeon is taking a ballsy chance with this film. It’s not at all like the trailers make it out to be. It’s a smart film, and even though it’s not nearly as extreme as Akira or Fritz The Cat or any explicitly adult animation, it’s nonetheless an animated film that pushes the boundaries in all the right ways, and I can only hope that enough people will see it so Nickelodeon or other studios might actually continue to take these kinds of chances on animated films. This isn’t your run of the mill animated fluff. Rango is something special.”

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