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animated Fargo gif thanks to IWDRM

Hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway preview The Oscars in this short featurette.

The Envelope takes a look back at Jeffrey Katzenberg‘s notorious memo: How does it hold up 20 years later?

Check out this Social Network-inspired poster Universal has released for The Adjustment Bureau. [firstshowing]

Star Trek producer Rick Berman talks to SciFi about why Enterprise failed: “The idea of going back and learning a little something about what went on for the very first people who were stepping out into space … it seemed to us to be a great idea. … The show certainly had a great start. It got very good reviews and it had a huge audience for the first half a dozen episodes and then it started to slip. I could take the blame for it. I could put the blame into the scripts. I could put the blame into franchise fatigue. I don’t know why it didn’t work.”

A Transformer invades American Idol, and performs Born to Be Wild. [moviefone]

IOnCinema posts their list of the 60 movies which might play at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

Batman video game Turkey-based digital artist Koray Kocaturk. [coolvibe]

Cinematographer Matthew Libatique on Black Swan: I’m a great believer in creating a visual language through atmosphere, and in challenging myself by trying something different with each project.” [awardscentral]

OneMinuteGalactica created this “Anger is Illogical” mash-up, taking scenes from various Star Trek episodes and added in an old school anger management commentary. [laughingsquid]

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