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Chuck & Beans takes on the FBI Warning screen at the beginning of DVDs.

Mawgan recreated Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in 60 Seconds using paper cubedudes.

Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich reports that Randy Newman will be performing “We Belong Together” live at the Academy Awards.

What is movie posters featured more truthful taglines? [shiz]

The The Next Stage Theater in Los Angeles will be hosting Ghostbusters: The Drinking Game screening on Saturday, February 12th 2011. [proton]

Dreamworks Animation head Jeffrey Katzenberg was seen having fun with his new best friend Guillermo del Toro at the Lakers game. [brew]

Summit wants bankrupt Blockbuster to pony up $9.5 million in unpaid bills or else liquidate its assets. [wrap]

James Cameron talks to MTV about the challenges of Avatar‘s sequel underwater scenes.

Composer James Edward Barker (Psych:9) has now been signed on to write the score for Tom Six‘s The Human Centipede II : Full Sequence. [playlist]

This gigantic 8-foot-tall VHS tape of Stanley Kubrick‘s 2001: A Space Odyssey was created by David Herbert for an art exhibit. [io9]

James Cameron defends 3D against Roger Ebert and Walter Murch‘s criticisms in an interview with Box Office Magazine:

“Here’s an interesting fact that Walter Murch should be aware of. Early childhood researchers have found through brain scans that babies who are reacting to social scenarios, if they can have a social scenario play out, like somebody talks to the baby’s mother, the baby will become very interested in the new person talking to the mother as opposed to if the new person enters the room alone, the baby won’t be interested. Right? Now, you take that same social scenario and you video it, you put it on a screen in front of the baby at the same distance so that the subjects are the same size. Is the baby interested in the new person? Not at all. It’s the same image, it’s the same interaction. What’s going on? Scientists put it in the following terms: The baby knows that the flat picture is symbolic and can be ignored, but the true scenario cannot be ignored—it is important.  Now, what if the same thing is happening in a movie theater? What if we are being triggered at a deeply subconscious or preconscious level that what is happening cannot be ignored? It’s not symbolic, it’s not like a painting, but it is something real. Now we know it’s not real, we know it’s a movie. We paid for a ticket and we’re sitting in a movie theater wearing dorky glasses. But what if our brain is being fooled at a deep neurological level that what’s happening is real, even a little bit? Does that account for the heightened experience of 3D, and the resurgence of cinema and the fact that all exhibitors are resoundingly saying ‘3D is saving our business when we’re being eroded and randomized by downloading and piracy and streaming and other media sources?’ I would say the answer is pretty freaking resoundingly yes.”

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