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The screen capture above is the beginning of a faux newspaper commentary “written by” Pixar Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter for The Onion.

Mannuli has created a R2-D2 in Dagobah cake. [starwars]

Kristen Bell will co-star opposite Don Chaedle in the Showtime television series pilot House of Lies. [deadline]

Our friends at HijinksEnsue have released a comic strip which features Ronald D Moore reading from the Battlestar Galactica bible.

Tuesday marks Hollywood’s 124th birthday. [patch]

TC Candler lists the top 100 greatest movie posters of all time.

ToplessRobot takes a look at 10 Mostly (and Deservedly) Forgotten Comic Book Movies.

New photos from the comic book adaptation Dylan Dog: Dead of Night have been released. [badtaste]

Bullz-Eye lists the 11 movies to look forward to in 2011. [digg]

The new Dark Horse comic book Star Wars: Darth Vader and The Lost Command shows fans “what it looks like when Vader goes in for an upgrade.” IO9 has a preview.

The Dark Knight Rises cinematographer Wally Pfister says Anne Hathaway “looks phenomenal in the wardrobe” when they shot her Catwoman screen test. [bleedingcool]

Check out some awesome photos from the Toronto Zombie Walk 2010. [nerdcore]

James Cameron says that Inception director Christopher Nolan should’ve been nominated for Best Director: “I diverge from the Academy’s taste in a lot of ways,” he tells THR. “I loved Inception, and I wish that it had gotten more. I wish Chris Nolan had gotten nominated for directing that film because I think that it’s the most astounding piece of film creation and direction of the year, hands down … but now it’s not even in the running. So I diverge from the Academy’s taste in a lot of ways.”

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