6. Best in Show

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I’m sure everyone has their personal favorite, but for my money Christopher Guest’s best mockumentary is his hysterical 2000 Best in Show. An in-depth look at the lives of a group of weirdos about to enter their canines in a national dog show, Best In Show is one of those comedies where you may need to hit pause to come up for air after laughing too much. As an added bonus, there’s plenty of very good doggos to see.

For fans of: Waiting for Guffman, A Mighty Wind, This Is Spinal Tap, Parker Posey with braces.

7. Misery

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Stephen King adaptations don’t get much better than this unforgettable 1990 film from Rob Reiner. James Caan is an injured romance novelist who finds himself in the care of a nurse who just happens to be his number one fan, and also crazy as a loon. Kathy Bates won a much-deserved Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of the nutty, violent Annie Wilkes, but the film’s real secret is its air-tight script from William Goldman, which takes King’s pulpy prose and puts a captivating sheen on it.

For fans of: Stand By Me, Dolores Claiborne, Fatal Attraction, sledgehammers.

8. Tourist Trap

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Looking for something weird? Look no further than this bonkers 1979 horror flick from David Schmoeller. A group of teens on a road trip find themselves stranded at the run-down tourist trap of Mr. Slausen (Chuck Connors). Slausen seems like a harmless old coot, but it turns out he is freakin’ insane, and his tourist trap is home to his even crazier twin brother (maybe) and also a bunch of mannequins that may or may not be alive. Is this some fever dream? Did we all eat a bunch of fast food before bed and then imagine this movie? Who knows! All that matters is that it’s utterly nuts, loaded with scenes where mannequins turn to the camera, open their mouths wide and yell “Ahhhhh!” for no reason. You may think I’m making all this up, but I’m 100% serious — all this and more happens in Tourist Trap.

For fans of: House of Wax (2005), The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes, screaming mannequins.

9. Manhattan

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As is the case with all Woody Allen movies, it’s not easy to separate the director’s own unpleasant personal life from his work, and the viewer is under no obligation to do so. If you can look passed Allen’s life, however, you will find some great films, particularly this black and white masterwork from 1979. Allen himself has said he hates the film, but who cares what he thinks, the movie is great. Featuring stunning cinematography from Gordon Willis and a dynamite opening portraying various corners of the city set to George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”, Manhattan is one of Allen’s best films.

For fans of: Annie Hall, Stardust Memories, Hannah and Her Sisters, neurotics.

10. The Alchemist Cookbook

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If someone remade The Evil Dead as a two-man (and one cat) stage show, you might get something like Joel Potrykus’s gonzo The Alchemist Cookbook. Ultra low-budget yet captivating, Potrykus’ film follows a loner (Ty Hickson) hiding out in a camper somewhere in the woods in Michigan. Day and night he toils away conducting experiments in alchemy, summoning dark forces in the process. This weird wonder will try the patience of some, but those who can stick with it will be rewarded with Potrykus unique style.

For fans of: The Evil Dead, Buzzard, Antichrist, opossums.

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