New ‘Lego Movie’ Promo Teases ‘Ninjago’ Spinoff

Ninjago promo

Phil Lord and Chris Miller‘s The Lego Movie was such a big hit when it opened back in February that Warner Bros. ordered not just a sequel, but also a spinoff. And while Ninjago won’t be here for another couple of years, it’s never too early to get the marketing machine fired up. So the latest ad for the Lego Movie Blu-ray also teases the impending Ninjago.

Watch the first sorta-kinda Ninjago promo after the jump.

The spot, titled “Enter the Ninjago,” was released as an extra on the Lego Movie DVD & Blu-ray. In keeping with the spirit of Lord & Miller’s excellent film, it introduces the idea of a Ninjago movie in a meta way.

The “President of Hollywood” shows up to inform Emmet that they’re adding ninjas to The Lego Movie because “kids love ninjas. It’s a sad fact of life.” Oh, and they’re also rearranging the climax because the international audience “[doesn’t] love words.” The Green Ninja, a.k.a. Lloyd Garmadon, even shows up to introduce himself.

This likely isn’t a real first look at Ninjago, but it gives us hope that the spinoff will retain some of the inventive style and irreverent humor of the original film. Especially as a lot of the same talents will be involved.

Charlie Bean (Tron: Uprising) is directing Ninjago, but Lord and Miller are on board to produce, as are The Lego Movie producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee. Dan and Kevin Hageman, who worked on the original Lego Movie, had a hand in the script. (Bryan Shukoff and Kevin Chelsey were also recently added as screenwriters.)

Like the toy line and TV series that came before it, the Ninjago movie is set in a mystical land where ninja, samurai, and sensei band together to battle dragons and snake men. The heroes will be fighting the evil and power-hungry Lord Garmadon.

Ninjago opens September 23, 2016. The Lego Movie 2, directed by Chris McKay, follows a few months later on May 26, 2017.

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