Men of Tomorrow: 15 Actors Who Could Play a New Superman

john boyega marvel

John Boyega

What if Kal-El was a black Kryptonian whose spaceship crash-landed in London? If Warner Bros. is looking to find an even more different take on Superman, why not go all the way with it? Give Boyega the part and let him bring some swagger to the role. He’s built his career playing good guys who ultimately make the right decision, so why not give him the opportunity to take that archetype to its logical conclusion? I can already hear the whiners in the comments section: “But Superman is an American character!” Give it a rest, guy. Boyega is charismatic, athletic, and a movie star through and through, and with the right filmmakers around him, it would be super cool to see him fly around with an “S” on his chest and provide a beacon of hope in a bleak world. (Ben Pearson)

Mr Robot - Rami Malek as Elliot

Rami Malek

With his bulging eyes and boyish good looks, Rami Malek doesn’t seem like the conventional actor for Superman. But it would be a radical casting choice that could give Warner Bros.’ DC cinematic universe the kickstart it needs. Malek has earned an Emmy for his role as the antisocial hacker Elliot Alderson in Mr. Robot but has proved to be an accomplished character actor in everything from the family-friendly Night at the Museum franchise, the HBO wartime series The Pacific, and the upcoming Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody. Through all these wildly different roles, Malek nails a certain brand of wide-eyed vulnerability — aided, of course, by his own natural physical attributes. But Malek shouldn’t be defined by this vulnerability — as much as he seems like he’s on the verge of falling apart in his spectacular Mr. Robot performance — you just watch any talk show interview with him to see how goddamn charming he is. He’s an It Boy just waiting to happen, and Superman would be the perfect role to tap into that. (Hoai-Tran Bui)

first man early buzz

Ryan Gosling

Okay, casting someone as popular as Ryan Gosling as Superman may seem like the obvious, eyes-rolling-int0-the-back-of-your-head choice, but hear me out. Gosling may be one of the more popular actors working today, but he radiates a quality missing from so many other movie stars: decency. No matter the whole, there’s something gentle about this guy, something that suggests he’ll take care of you and care about you, no matter what. And for all of his power, this is what makes Superman so special. He could crack the Earth open like an egg, but he instead chooses to protect it from every threat imaginable. Gosling, soft-spoken, inherently melancholy, unusually kind, would make for a wonderful protector. (Jacob Hall)

Andre Holland Castle Rock

Andre Holland

In addition to being an incredible actor, Andre Holland excels at playing outsiders. In The Knick, the actor played the lone black face in a hospital in 1900’s New York. Holland’s character had previously spent time in Europe, where he was welcomed and treated as an equal. Once he came to America, however, he became the subject of scorn and prejudice. A similar fate awaits him in Castle Rock, where he once again is one of the only African Americans as far as the eye can see, this time in a New England town. Superman is the ultimate outsider – someone not of this world, striving to fit in. In both The Knick and Castle Rock, Holland’s characters struggle to maintain their composure even when going up against unabashed racism. He’s also incredibly charismatic, bringing am unbeatable coolness to any part he plays. All these factors combined would work wonders to make him a great Man of Steel. (Chris Evangelista)

mandy trailer

Nicolas Cage

Alright, I’m sure you think I’m suggesting Nic Cage for Superman as a joke. “Ha ha,” you’re thinking. “This is all a goof, and a reference to that time Cage almost played Superman in Tim Burton’s never-made film Superman Lives.” But I swear – this isn’t a joke. I know Nicolas Cage has turned into a walking, talking meme at this point, but here’s the thing – he’s a great actor. Sure, he tends to play over-the-top weirdos in low-budget crap now, but he still has the chops to turn in a great performance. If you don’t believe me, just check him out in Joe or Mandy. Cage is a pro, and he takes every part – no matter what the film – extremely seriously. Sure, the actor is a bit of a weirdo, but I’d argue that plays perfectly into the Superman persona. Superman is an alien, from another world. Who better to play an out-of-this world character than Nicolas Cage? I know Cage isn’t in the best shape at the moment, but that’s fine. Imagine him playing an older, wearier Man of Steel. And imagine him bringing that trademark Nicolas Cage intensity to the part. Don’t lie: you’d watch that. (Chris Evangelista)

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