Mr. Robot - Season 2

Is Angela in control?

She’s certainly fighting for control, that’s for sure, but Angela’s place is tenuous. It’s not even clear whether she’s in control of herself, though as we learned in the premiere, control is illusory. Angela builds her illusion of self-control with motivational tapes. “I place myself in alignment with the things I want,” the voice repeats in her head as she walks to work. “My beliefs create my own reality.” That control extends well beyond herself. For the first time this season we see she definitely has a longer game in the works. She hasn’t been suckered in by E Corp and Philip Price, at least not completely. She really is working them from within. This is revealed in a conversation with her lawyer. Angela wants to look over the settlement agreement. She knows something’s been overlooked, and it’s something connected directly to her. Price is building leverage over her, which means she’s important. She needs to find out what that is, and twist it around to use it against E Corp. But as we see later, finding the truth is only the first step.

Mr Robot 3

Is Darlene okay?

Alright. That’s a stupid question. Of course she’s not okay. There she is, in the bathroom of a dive having sex with her hacker ex-boyfriend, still unable to escape the reality she’s created for herself. Her life, it would seem, is in danger. The FBI is after them, he tells her, and what’s worse, it seems Romero was onto something. Operation Berenstain—yes, like the fictional bear family. What that operation is, why Romero was researching it, and whether it has put Darlene and the crew in even more danger than they originally thought, is all up in the air. More to the point, much like Elliot, whether Darlene can escape the labyrinth of her own creation is an open question. Her situation is dangerous at best, and the paranoia doesn’t help much either. Walking down the street, worrying about every shady looking guy in a suit, is no way to live, especially for someone who already suffers panic attacks. Darlene’s visit to Elliot couldn’t shake him out of his own battles enough to start helping her, but she needs to keep trying. Getting him on a computer might do the trick.

Mr Robot 5

Is Elliot in an asylum?

So I guess it’s time we address the theories. Is Elliot living in an asylum? Are Ray and Leon and the rest not real? There is some evidence for this. The general feeling of unreality in his environment. The way he meets with people at regular locations. The fact that people from his outside life, like Gideon and Darlene, see him only at the table in his mom’s house. The fact that his mom doesn’t interact with anyone, just sitting there watching the news all day. It’s definitely dreamlike. So maybe it is all a dream. Maybe Elliot is in some sort of institution. I’m not convinced of this theory, though it is compelling. Events in this episode involving Ray might indicate that Elliot can’t possibly be in an asylum. How would he be able to access a computer? Then again, maybe Ray is actually a worker at the institution, giving him that access. Or maybe not. It’s hard to say, but it’s definitely not a theory we can dismiss. Of course, it’s also possible that the dreamlike presentation is all style. A way of better getting into Elliot’s headspace. It’s all possible. We’ll find out the answer soon, I imagine.

Mr Robot Whiterose

Is Whiterose the puppetmaster?

She’s back! Whiterose, the enigmatic head of the Dark Army, was one of the best, most interesting characters in Season 1. Appearing in exactly two scenes, but leaving a real mark, at this point she’s the omniscient one. For all the talk this season of gods and prophets—and we got more of it this episode—Whiterose is the closest thing we have seen to a god. We’re witness to a telephone conversation she has with Price, once again putting on a male persona for him like she did in the post-credits scene last year. Does this mean Price doesn’t know who he’s dealing with? Even if he doesn’t, she still seems to be in control over him. And they’ve got a plot hatching. Something to do with a plant. More on that in a minute. After she puts down the phone, we learn that she’s also spying on the FBI’s investigations. Whiterose really does have hands stretched into every corner. If anyone is pulling the strings on this show, it’s probably her.

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