I won’t lie to you, folks. September’s new movie lineup on Netflix is a bit dire this year. The majority of new titles are Netflix originals that really don’t sound very good. In short, there is not a whole lot of nutrition here – just empty calories. Still, I did my best to find something to highlight. You’re welcome. Check out the best new TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in September 2019.

Movies Coming to Netflix in September 2019

American Psycho

Christian Bale started his acting career as a child, but it was his brilliant turn as yuppie serial killer Patrick Bateman in American Psycho that helped make him a star. A loose adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ novel, American Psycho tones down Ellis’ gore to make way for more humor – and it works. That’s not to say the film is violence-free – there’s plenty of brutality here, but it’s mixed with a tone of the absurd.



Bill Murray! Harold RamisIvan Reitman! It’s Stripes, baby! Murray and Ramis play total losers who decide to join the army and hilarity ensues. This is one of those movies that used to play constantly on TNT, so there’s a chance you’ve seen it before while falling asleep on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Why not watch the whole thing now? Or don’t, whatever, I’m not your boss.


lord of the rings tv series update

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Peter Jackson‘s epic Lord of the Rings trilogy concluded with his Oscar-winning epic. Is it the best of the three films? That’s debatable. I’m partial to Fellowship of the Ring myself. But the major achievement of this film and the trilogy as a whole can’t be ignored. Do you know what can be ignored, though? Those Hobbit movies.


Dante’s Peak

In 1997, we got two volcano disaster movies. One was Volcano. The other was Roger Donaldson’s goofy Dante’s Peak, which is basically a remake of Jaws with a volcano instead of a killer shark. Handsome doctor Pierce Brosnan tries to warn everyone that a nearby volcano is going to blow its top, but the town mayor – played by Linda Hamilton – has her doubts. Then, of course, the volcano erupts, and lots of people find themselves in a burning hot situation.

The Last Exorcism

Coming near the end of the found footage boom, The Last Exorcism holds up much better than many other films of its ilk, primarily thanks to Ashley Bell‘s committed performance as a farm girl who may or may not be possessed by the devil. A team of filmmakers follows a reverend (played by Better Call Saul‘s Patrick Fabian) to investigate the claim, and possibly exorcise the girl. As you might guess, things don’t go so well.

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