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The comic sets up the sequel in the last panel. And we’ve heard that Fox is probably going to make a Kingsman 2. But without the mentor-mentee relationship, how do you see the story moving forward?

Well it could go a couple of ways. I mean there are calls to get Colin [Firth] back and everything. Colin is very interested in doing it. But we haven’t decided yet what the plan is. But, to me I think there’s two possibilities here. You can either go on and make it Lethal Weapon, where you have Colin and Taron [Edgerton] as, you know, two buddies who essentially go out and solve international situations. Or you can make it Ben Kenobi and Luke Skywalker with Colin as the mentor, the teacher who died and the student becomes the master. And then he goes on to greatness.

So there’s two possible ways it can go and that’s something we’re discussing at the moment. We aren’t very far on with anything. I’ve written nothing. The sequel, there’s no second book or anything. And Matthew and I are just chatting on the phone. Matthew’s written up some scenes. I think he and Jane [Goldman] are talking every day and everything. But there is no second book. Like I’ve literally blocked out my next two years and there’s no time to do a second book. So it’ll be an original screenplay of sorts. So Matthew and I are chatting about it, but and I’m still not quite sure where this is gonna end up. I mean, it’s incredibly early stages. But what’s quite nice actually is normally, Fox or Universal or whoever gives a greenlight. Something that was beautiful about Matthew is that they don’t have that control. Matthew is independently wealthy and knows lots of rich guys, so he basically just funds the movies himself and he makes it like a whole movie and then he basically hands the DVD over to the studio. So it’s funny.

There was a report a few weeks back saying Fox had greenlight and Matthew was on the phone to me saying “What are they talking about?” It’s Matthew’s film cause Matthew finances it and then just gives it to Fox, That’s the way Kick Ass was made too, which was fantastic. And it just means you stand or fall on the merits of the movie. You can’t complain, there’s no studio interference or anything. Matthew just makes the film he wants to make and I kind of love that,

Spider-Man Civil War

Captain America: Civil War is based on another book you wrote. That’s another thing where they are using the bones of your story idea, and changing the details. What has that been like seeing that story become a movie, and how involved have you been?

I’ve seen Avengers. I mean, I worked for Marvel for most of the last decade and it has been quite flattering. A lot of the stuff has been used and Avengers is very much an adaptation of our first Avengers book. Joss [Whedon] has said himself. Captain America was the stuff was from our Ultimates comic and everything. But our involvement is very little if anything. When I worked at Marvel and I did some consulting stuff on the first Iron Man movie because they were using elements of it. But really I just go and see them. Usually the day before the movie comes out, Marvel says, “Hey, do you want tickets for the premiere?” And that is about it. That’s the extent that the involvement’s been.

I mean, I went off and formed a rival company three or four years ago, in that I did my own franchises. So I guess they don’t really see me as part of that thing. But when I was under contract there, you’re very much part of the Marvel group. But I’m off working at other studios and, in publishing terms, I’m over at another company. So they maybe feel like it’d be a bit weird to have me sit at that table ’cause I would just be gossiping about all those things that I heard that night. [LAUGHS] I’d be down in the pub telling everybody the five year plan that’s discussed.

Thanks to Mark Millar for his time and responses. Kingsman: The Secret Service is now available on Blu-ray and Digital HD.

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