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In the comic, the master plan has a different twist. The signal ends up with a lot of kissing where in the movie it gets really, really violent. Can you talk about that change? Was the kissing just not as cinematic as a bunch of people fighting?

Yeah, I think it’s as simple as that. Like actually the big third act ends with lots of kissing. I think you’d probably just feel a lot of letdown. Imagine Die Hard had ended up with Hans Gruber and Bruce Willis kissing or something. It wouldn’t have had the same impact as blowing somebody away. And that’s where, you know, comics to film adaptions differ. Your sense of excitement and your adrenaline in a movie is being developed over a two hour period. With a comic it’s a lot more episodic and they just have a slightly different vibe. So in translation these things are always gonna be a little bit different.

I can almost think of nothing that, whether it’s a novel becoming a film or something like that, that can do the action a movie can do. At the end, there’s a real ramping up sense of the escalation. And the third act is something that movies just do so well. Comics can’t really quite get that same tension. Comics are better at some things, but when it comes to action and really breaking down the action and making it as exciting as possible, movies are unrivaled for that ’cause they can make a fight scene last 15 minutes. In a comic that would be really boring ’cause it’d be like 30 pages or something.

That’s a great point. Now one of the things that is similar is the villain’s master plan is to destroy the world’s population. How did you come up with that idea — using the cell phones to kill everybody by fighting each other?

Well the idea actually came to me a few years back. Actually comes from two things. I was planning a Spider-Man project that had it as a classic super villain kind of thing to do. Something that would activate that reptilian complex at the base of our brains, make people switch off their human personality and essentially just go completely tribal rage. So I was looking for something that could do that in real life. I went to the university that’s right near my house. And it sounds insane, I said to one of my friends, “Do you know anyone really smart who could tell me how to mess around with radio waves or something like this?” So like I had to take this guy out to lunch. He must have thought “This guy’s insane.” And I was sitting with a notepad and just writing down everything, So that was years back. That was right about 2004 and I ended up not using it. I used it for one panel in a Spider-Man story instead of making it a whole story. But it was always sitting there in the back of my mind. And quite often something lies on your notepad for a while and then just pops up again somewhere else. And so that just seemed the perfect place to do it.

And I’m a big fan of a guy, I’ve been reading his books for 20 years, called Professor James Lovelock, that Mark Hamill’s character was based on. Have you ever heard of the Gaia theory?

Mark Hamill Kingsman


It’s like this environmental idea. The idea is very interesting and this guy published the concept. Basically he says everything on Planet Earth is a living organism and the planet itself is no different. He said that we’re two-thirds water, the planet’s two-thirds water and everything, you know. Like we live and breathe in the same way the planet does. We just inhabit it. And his idea is that global warming is basically a virus that the planet has. He said that it’s nothing to do with greenhouse emissions and all this kind of thing. His theory is very, very simple. He says that the human population should probably sit about a billion comfortably on the Earth. And as we creep up towards six, seven, eight billion, then the planet is becoming stressed by it. And the way a virus is a problem for the host body, the human beings are, this is Lovelock’s theory, the virus on Planet Earth. So his feeling is the way that a regular host gets rid of a virus by raising its body temperature for a while to kill the virus and he said melting the polar icecaps is gonna wipe out probably 80, 90 percent of the human race. Mankind will start over again. And he thinks the planet is doing this naturally.

Wow, okay. 

And I read this, you know, over 20 years ago and I always thought that theory was an interesting one and it tied in perfectly with the whole radio wave thing.


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