LEGO Ghostbusters New York City Diorama

Today we bring to you a couple awesome custom LEGO creations based on movies:  the biggest, most accurate Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer ever built and a huge LEGO Stay Puft Marshmallow Man New York City diorama. Hit the jump to see and learn more.

OliveSeon, a Korean Lego building team, has created this massive New York City Ghostbusters diorama completely in LEGO. Stay-Puft marshmallow man is terrorizing the city which includes many buildings, minifigs running in the streets through cars in disarray and even a parking garage.



We previously have featured OliveSeon on the site in the past, most recently with his amazing Pacific Rim build. You can see more photos of the Ghostbusters city build on

Hit the Jump to see the Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer >>

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