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Jurassic World is still several months away but it’s a pretty good bet it’ll have the best movie-themed website of 2015. Maybe of all time. The site has been up for a few weeks. Slowly but surely, it continues to update with new and cool additions. The basic idea is this isn’t a site for a movie. It’s pretending to be a site for the actual Jurassic World theme park that just happens to be seen in the movie. A park that finally figured out all the problems from the first few films and has been running quietly, and safely, for some time now.

We’ve been surfing the crap out of the awesome faux-theme park site and found our fifteen favorite things about it. Below, read all about them.

Here are the 15 coolest things about the Jurassic World website, in no particular order.

Jurassic World Park Cam

The Park Cam

The Jurassic World website has several “live” cameras running so you can watch what’s happening at the park right now. How long is the line at a certain ride? Is the T-Rex out today? You can see it all in these streaming videos. This would be a cool idea even for a real park let alone a fake one. Watch the videos here.

Jurassic World ticketsZZ7164A8B3

Multiple Ticket Packages

Any theme park worth a visit offers its attendees multiple ticket packages and Jurassic World is no different. From the Standard Package, to the John Hammond Package all the way up to the top of the line Apex Predator Package, the park has information – including time of stay, accommodations, pricing, and even freebies and reviews like on Yelp – for all levels. It’s insanely detailed and you can explore them all at this link. But, note, when you click “Buy Tickets,” it just brings you to Fandango for movie tickets that don’t exist yet.

Jurassic World Park Info

Site Wide Park Info

On every page of the site, a drop down in the top left gives you up-to-the-second information on what’s going on in the park. The weather, the capacity, how long line waits are, what’s the next big event happening, etc. And each frame has multiple different options that are changing constantly. For example, it says one thing in the screenshot above, but sometimes there’s a “Mr. DNA Meet and Greet” or “T-Rex Feeding.” All very informative plus it turns off when the park is closed. One down side? All the social media links are for the movie, and not park stuff. Maybe that updates as the movie gets closer. The Info is best seen from the home page.

Jurassic World Planning

Travel, Stay, Play, Discover, Eat, Shop

The Jurassic World website offers a whole bevy of options to plan your hypothetical trip to the island. It gives you hotel options, travel options, dining options, shopping options, nightlife options, all of which feature photos of people who are most likely not in the film. There’s info on a golf course, gondolas, helicopter rides, you name it. Most of those stuff will probably not play into the film, or just be seen in the background, but it’s essential information for anyone who would travel to Jurassic World. You can check out all those options and more here.

Investor relations

Every website has information on the people footing the bill, usually at the bottom of the page. But on the Jurassic World site, there are links to a whole other site called Masrani Global. And that site on its own is just a whole other bevy of information on the creation of the park and more. There are multiple photos of actor Irrfan Khan, who plays Masrani himself, and that suggests the corporation will play a major role in the film. The site is www.masraniglobal.com.

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