Jurassic World Trailer breakdown

Anyone who complained the first few Jurassic World trailers didn’t show enough will be pleasantly surprised by the latest one. The new trailer reveals several new action sequences as well the official full-screen reveal of the Indominus Rex, called the D-Rex. There are also many new shots of the Pteranodons, Velociraptors and a ton of homages to the original movie. Plus, one of the money shots seen in earlier trailers has been flipped on its head here in this final version.

Below, let’s do a Jurassic World trailer breakdown with over 70 screenshots.

Jurassic World Trailer Still 1

The trailer starts with the new version of the raptor pen. We saw one in the first Jurassic Park that obviously didn’t work. Now that they’ve borrowed the UFC’s octagon structure, we’ll assume it’s better off.

Jurassic World Trailer Still 2

We’ve already seen this shot. It’s Chris Pratt‘s character, Owen Grady, calming a pack of Velociraptors.  “It’s not about control,” he says.

Jurassic World Trailer Still 3

“It’s a relationship based on respect.” However, you can see in this show that Owen is noticeably scared by these beasts.

Jurassic World Trailer Still 4

Owen explains the raptors to Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard). There’s obvious sexual tension here, as these two have dated in the past. This is the scene that was previously released.

Jurassic World Trailer Still 5

“These animals are thinking, ‘I’ve got to eat.'” The camera follows a pack of raptors from behind. I don’t think the camera has ever been so intimate with these dinosaurs.

Jurassic World Trailer Still 6

“‘I’ve got to hunt.'”

Jurassic World Trailer Still 7

Jurassic World, which is being released by Universal, is the first in the series to be a Legendary Pictures film.

Jurassic World Trailer Still 8

Jurassic World is officially open and functioning. You see a few brand name stores on the right like Columbia and Brookstone. Corporate America has bought into John Hammond’s idea.

Jurassic World Trailer Still 9

For example, a problem of the first park has been solved. A goat is once again being used to lure a dinosaur out, but now the people are hidden in a large log instead of in neon SUVs. You scan see their cameras are out and pointing to their right. Could it be…?

Jurassic World Trailer Still 10

Yup, it is. It’s the T-Rex. Everyone takes photos as Zach and Gray (Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins) jump up to see from behind the crowd.

Jurassic World Trailer Still 11

Zach and Gray sit in the middle of the crowd and enjoy something incredible. Notice lots of different Jurassic World souvenir t-shirts, cameras, sunglasses. This is a big tourist event. “Every time we’ve unveiled a new attraction, attendance has spiked,” Claire says.

Jurassic World Trailer Still 12

Yet another group of people take out their cameras to watch a dinosaus. Here it’s the Mosasaurus, which we’ve seen in other trailers and posters. He’s slowly stalking some food…

Jurassic World Trailer Still 13

…and eats it in a single glup

Jurassic World Trailer Still 14

“That was awesome,” says Zach. They’re enjoying this. They’re also wet, probably from the previous shot of them outside.

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