Jake Johnson Almost Steals the Show

Jake Johnson, who previously worked with Trevorrow on Safety Not Guaranteed, steals the screen in every scene he appears in. Not only does he get to be the cynical voice of the audience which is over reboots, sequels and over commercialized world we live in, but he brings some much needed humor to the war room that is the Jurassic World security command center.

International Jurassic World Trailer

The Film Still Has a Couple Surprises Up Its Sleeve

What surprises me is how much of the film is not shown or hinted at in the trailers. There are whole action sequences omitted and protected from any of the marketing I’ve seen thus far. This movie has had many leaks, with a lot of information making its way online during production, yet there are a couple unanticipated major plot turns which I did not expect and thoroughly enjoyed.

Jurassic World Trailer Still 18

The Park Is Now Open But the Sense of Wonder Is Missing

I think one of the missed opportunities of Jurassic World is we don’t get to see enough of the park in action. We hear John Williams‘ amazing theme song interpreted through the wonderful mind of Michael Giacchino, but at no point do we feel the sense of wonder that we do when John Hammond welcomes us to Jurassic Park in the original film. We get a glimpse at some of the attractions, but we never really get to bask in the amazement of the park actually open and functional before shit hits the fan.

And when it does hit the fan, we don’t get to see enough guests on attractions in danger.

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