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Enter Kurt Russell’s Ego

The Guardians’ legend and mythology have grown and spread throughout the universe. Remember, they defeated Ronan, and Peter Quill was able to hold an Infinity Stone and not die. There’s a question as to why Star-Lord was able to hold the infinity stone and not be completely and immediately destroyed will be partially explored in this movie.

Kurt Russell is playing Ego, a mysterious adventurer from far parts of the galaxy who has heard the legend of the Guardians and has come to meet them for the first time. James Gunn describes the character as a “thoughtful and gregarious guy.” In the art room, we saw concept art showing Kurt Russell’s character Ego wearing goggles, a cloak, and a brown blaster holster. The Guardians first encounter Ego on a forest planet named “Berhert” which has origins from the comics.

On set they were being very non-committal about the idea that Ego is Peter Quill’s father, teasing that he might be. But they did say that Quill’s dad is not a huge reveal in the movie’s storyline, and they expect that Disney might openly use this in the advertising for the film. Ego has been looking for Quill for a long time. Chris Pratt says that will “get to find out who he hopes his father is and who he wishes his father is, and you get to find out whether or not that is the reality.”

In the art room, there was concept art for a planet called “J’son,” which is the name of Peter Quill’s father from the comic books. When we asked producer Kevin Feige about this, he would only say “You know, this room was scrubbed before you guys came in. It’s a very good question. You should ask James.” Another producer told us that the planet would not be called “J’Son” in the final film. But Kurt Russell’s chair on set even featured that character name “J’Son.” Later, James Gunn assured us definitively that “there is no J-son in the MCU.” The concept art of the planet is something out of fantastical sci-fi, filled with vibrant red colors, looks like from the cover of a 1970’s LP.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - Mantis

Enter Mantis

Alongside Ego is an alien named Mantis who is like Ego’s right hand, she travels and is always with him. She is very awkward and curious about other people because she has never actually encountered other humanoids before. Feige describes her as giving the example that Mantis “makes Drax look like the most world-savvy person there is, and it’s a tough thing to do and to be endearing, and she’s pretty amazing at it.” She was really lonely having spent a lot of time by herself. Mantis and Drax spend a lot of time together in this story and have a connection. At the very core of Drax, he is just heartbroken and a childlike innocence, which is why he connects to Mantis. The character is less sexual than the other female characters in the film.

Pom Klementieff auditioned for the role of Mantis “many, many times, along with many, many other people,” because James Gunn was looking for something and someone “very unique.” Mantis is very different than she is in the comic books. She has empathic powers which means that she can feel things by touching people and that she can change other people’s emotions.

guardians of the galaxy vol 2 behind the scenes

The Music

The treatment included a CD with much of the music that will end up in the final film. Marvel Studios cleared all the songs that were in the script before the movie went into production, but they don’t have to actually pay for them until the final cut of the film is made. So things could change in the edition room, but if the first movie was used as a track record, only one or two songs came out of the film that was in the original screenplay (and those songs were removed “for length more than anything else”). Moonage Daydream was originally not in the first film. They tried a lot of other songs for that scene, but they just “didn’t work.”

The songs in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack are all off Peter Quill’s Awesome Mix #2 tape. Don’t expect to hear Starlord listening to songs from the original mixtape in this sequel. The other Guardians now know that music is something that motivates Peter. Baby Groot sets up outer space speakers so that the music can play for the whole team because Quill likes to hear music when he’s fighting. One song has “very unique lyrics that play in much more specific part into the plot, than any song did in the first film.”

Songs we heard being played on set included “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison and Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain, which played in the original teaser trailer. Jay and the Americans’ Come A Little Bit Closer was shown in the piece shown at Comic Con, and also will appear in the film.

Chris Pratt believes the awesome mix is probably better in the sequel because they have a bigger budget for the soundtrack this time around.

James Gunn says the soundtrack for Vol. 2 is “an evolution from the soundtrack to the first movie.”:

“I think the first movie was made for a child that was a couple years younger than the child that this music was made for. So it’s slightly more complex songs. I also think that we have a wider variety of songs. You guys heard, probably, one of the songs today. We have a couple of songs that are enormous songs, which we didn’t have on the first movie. We also have a couple songs that are almost completely unknown, or not very well known at all. So there’s a bigger gamut between the popular and unpopular songs on the second album.”

On the first film, they sometimes played the music from the Awesome Mix during the scenes they were shooting (for instance, they were listening to “Cherry Bomb” while walking down the hallway in that film). Creatively that worked out so well that they are doing more of that while filming the sequel.

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