Cocoon in mission breakout

Cocoon of Unknown Origin

Another artifact on display in the collection is a Cocoon of Unknown Origin. The identification tag notes that “the Collector does not wish to disturb the creature inside the cocoon; therefore, he leaves it in place in hopes it will one day emerge and reveal itself for all to see.” The same cocoon appeared in the Collector’s museum on Knowhere in Vol. 1, and many fans at the time thought it might be a reference to Adam Warlock – but that turned out not to be the case at all.

avengers hatch at disney california adventure

Mysterious Avengers Hatch

On the right side of The Collector’s Fortress is a mysterious Avengers hatch of unknown origin. What does it mean? If I were to guess, I think it may be a hint of what is coming to Disney California Adventure. Disney has long hinted that Mission Breakout is the first of something bigger coming to DCA, and rumor has it Imagineering want to construct E-Ticket Hybrid Roller Coaster Dark Ride attraction (think what Universal Studios did with Harry Potter and Escape From Gringotts) based on The Avengers. Read more about the mysterious Avengers hatch here.


The Collector’s Paintings

In the lobby of the Tivan Collection, you can find these two paintings, which were created by  Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding. The artist signed his work in the Celestial alphabet.  

One shows Tivan holding a mysterious golden pyramid-shaped artifact that I have been unable to identify in Marvel lore – perhaps it’s related to Adam Warlock? Probably not, as the object features Tivan’s logo.

The other painting shows Tivan playing a game with his brother The Grandmaster, a character who will appear in Thor: Ragnarok played by Jeff Goldblum, on The Grandmaster’s home planet of Sakaar. It’s also worth noting that a structure has been spotted over the shoulder of Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) in the Thor: Ragnarok trailer that shares some similarities to the Collector’s Fortress. Is it possible that Tivan’s Collection will appear in the third Thor movie? Benicio Del Toro is not listed in the cast listing for Thor: Ragnarok, but neither is Christopher Fairbank, the actor who played his Broker in Guardians of the Galaxy. Before production began, I heard that Fairbank might have a part in Thor: Ragnarok. I’m not sure if that has changed or not, and have no idea what role he does/did have in the story.

Tower Of Terror References

Tower of Terror References

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout replaced the popular attraction Tower of Terror, and in true Disney fashion, references to the former attraction can be found throughout the queue:

  • Several of The Collector’s books have Hollywood Tower Hotel bookmarks.
  • A Hollywood Tower Hotel hat (which used to be worn by castmembers who worked the attraction) can be found on one of the bottom shelves.
  • An old painting that used to appear in the Hollywood Tower Hotel lobby can be seen partially uncovered in the background on the scaffolding in the boiler room area.

Broken Statue from Kamar-Taj

Broken Statue From Kamar-Taj

Among the tagged artifacts in the boiler room is a broken marble dragon statue from Kamar-Taj, the home and training grounds to the Masters of the Mystic Arts and Doctor Strange. I’m not quite sure if this appears in the movie or not. If you find it, leave a screenshot in the comments below!


Rocket’s Xandarian Paint

The storytelling in and outside the attraction building is very cool and sometimes subtle. In the boiler room, we see an open can of red paint (note that the label says its Xandarian paint, which is a reference to the headquarters of the Nova Empire as seen in Guardians of the Galaxy). We see Rocket’s paw prints walking away from this area and climbing up the room. Outside the building, we see a big hole which looks to have been created by an explosive, and red Rocket paw prints climbing down the exterior of The Collector’s Fortress. The sign for the attraction advertises Tivian Collection’s acqusition of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Notice that the word “Mission” has been removed from the “First time on display” subheader and Rocket has used the red paint to write “Breakout.” Again we see his red paw prints walking away from the scene of the crime.

mission breakout HYDRA Helmet

HYDRA Helmet

A Hydra Helmet can be found on another one of the top shelves. The costume prop appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger.

the collectors assistant of the month

The Collector’s Assistant

You can see a wall dedicated to The Collector’s Assistant of the Month, which is just a series of the same photo of Tivan’s assistant Corina from the first film. Corina was last seen in Guardians of the Galaxy, where she blew up after attempting to grab an Infinity Stone.

Hiddie Minnie mission breakout

Hidden Minnie

A hidden Minnie Mouse figure can be found on one of the shelves in The Collector’s office.

stan lee cameo in mission breakout

Stan Lee Cameo

Legendary Marvel writer Stan Lee makes a cameo during the queue video in the first room. As always, the Stan Lee cameo is pretty obvious to everyone. During the intro video, The Collector is talking about the artifacts in his collection, and his intergalactic computer shows some of them, panning over to Stan Lee who asks if anyone knows if they validate parking.

Brazier of Bom'Galiath

Brazier of Bom’Galiath

Doctor Strange picked up the Brazier of Bom’Galiath during the Battle at the Sanctum Sanctorum against Kaecilius, but didn’t know how to use it.


Missing Creatures

The attraction ends with all of the creatures in Tivan’s collection being freed. You can hear them escaping The Collector’s Fortress as you exit through the gift shop. Over near the Captain America/Spider-Man meet-and-greet New York City corner, a couple of new posted flyers reference Cosmo the space dog and an alien monster who escapes from Tivan’s Collection at the conclusion of the ride.

free artifacts in mission breakout

Kree Artifacts

On display are a bunch of Kree Artifacts, including a Kree Diviner or Obelisk, a Kree Orb, and Terrigen Crystals from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD television series.

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