Germain’s Not Quite Top 10 Movies of 2014


Top-ten lists can be predictable. They often feature the same 15 or so movies, recycled and reshuffled to a point where it’s pretty obvious those were the best movies of the year — or at least the ones that made it to the top of the consensus pile. But out of the hundreds of films released every year, why cut it off at ten?

This list is not the ten best movies of 2014. These are the films that almost made the cut. Numbers 11-25. I decided to feature them because, unlike my top ten, these movies are at least a bit more varied. Foreign films, independent films, documentaries, animation, the movies on this list come from all over and contain at least a few surprises in an otherwise tired format.

Make no mistake. The films I previously wrote about, in my opinion, are the ten best of 2014. But these movies are pretty damn great too. Below read my not quite top 10 movies of 2014.

In another twist, we’re going to give these to you in order. So let’s start with the original top ten and move on from there:

  1. Boyhood
  2. Inherent Vice
  3. Whiplash
  4. The Grand Budapest Hotel
  5. Selma
  6. Nightcrawler
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy
  8. Snowpiercer
  9. Birdman
  10. The Raid 2

Jodorowsky's Dune

11. Jodorowsky’s Dune

If you love movies, sci-fi, criticism or any combination of those things, this documentary is more than a must see. It’s the best historical document imaginable for one of the best movies never made and definitely the most influential.


12. Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon

Austin Powers himself, Mike Myers, directed this heartwarming and wholly entertaining documentary about a man who has lived probably one of the most amazing lives you’ll ever hear about, intersecting with celebrities from music to movies and more.

The Lego Movie poster header

13. The Lego Movie

By now, the year’s best animated film doesn’t need much in the way of selling. It’s funny, it’s gorgeous, it’s infinitely rewatchable and blends Star Wars, DC Comics, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Will Ferrell into everything awesome.


14. The One I Love

An idea that sounds pretty normal on the surface – a married couple struggles with their relationship – takes the year’s best plot twist and becomes a genre bending, unpredictable, nearly undefinable wonder. Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass absolutely rule.

Force Majeure trailer

15. Force Majeure

Imagine an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm with more pathos, emotion, and even more super-duper uncomfortable humor. That’s this Swedish delight which blends tones and genres you’ve never considered together in a way that has to be seen to be believed.

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