As just about every cancelled series (and even some of the noncancelled ones) vows to come back as a movie, one popular property’s actually making a bit of progress. Doug Ellin has revealed that his Entourage screenplay is nearing completion, and by “nearing” we mean “just about at” — Ellin says he plans to have the thing done by Sunday.

Those who saw the finale may recall that Entourage ended with a cliffhanger of sorts, as Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) got the call to take over as the CEO of Time Warner. According to Ellin, the Entourage movie will jump forward six months to see Ari settling into his new position as a studio head. But naturally, some things never change: Vince (Adrien Grenier), Drama (Kevin Dillon), E (Kevin Connolly), and Turtle (Jerry Ferrarra) remain close friends, with a steadfast passion for partying. More after the jump.

Deadline got the scoop from Ellin himself, as the site discussed the project with the show creator via email. HBO has yet to give the movie a green light, but Ellin says he’s been feeling “a lot of positive energy” surrounding the project: “Everywhere I go, people ask me, ‘Where’s the movie?'” And former viewers aren’t the only ones eager to see the boys make it to the big screen. Ellin says Entourage‘s packaging agent Ari Emanuel and exec producers Mark Wahlberg and Steven Levinson are just as excited to get the wheels turning. Wahlberg in particular has promised “to kill me if I don’t write faster,” Ellin reported.

So with Ellin working on page 110 of his script, where do all the main characters stand? “There are interesting developments about Ari as a studio head, and that’s still the first page for me. But foremost is the friendship between the guys who are still hanging out and going to fun parties, and it continues with the same characters,” he explained. That description doesn’t tell us a whole lot about the plotline, but it sounds like Entourage, all right.

Ellin also told the site that the movie sequel would feature the same “Hollywood send-ups and snark” that made the show a hit. If that means the film adaptation is turning back toward the sharp satirical humor of the earlier seasons and away from the lazy, self-congratulatory tone that plagued its later ones, I suspect fans will be all for it. Perhaps even the fans who dropped the series from their DVRs once the quality took a dive.

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