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Looking at the film as a fan, I love Entourage. I’ve been watching since the first episode of the first season and it’s always been one of my favorite shows. From the moment Vincent Chase (Adrien Grenier) got out of the limo at his first movie premiere, I was hooked. The fast lifestyle, the Hollywood spin, the camaraderie, it had so many aspects I latched onto. Sure, the last two seasons missed the mark but fans have little to worry about here. The film is right back in line with the first four seasons of the show, which were smart, fun and exciting.

In the film, only a few weeks have passed since the end of Entourage season 8. Right off the bat, Ellin clears the plate of all lingering storylines to give the movie a fresh start. Super agent turned studio executive Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) has a new movie for Vince. Vince, however, will only make the movie if he can direct it. Fast forward eight months, the movie is done, and everyone is worried. Did Chase make the movie that will finally bring him the respect he deserves? Or will he sink not only himself, but his agent and his friends, too?

In the film, each member of the Entourage gets to pay off his stories from the television show. You get to see Vince spread his wings as an artist. You see E (Kevin Connelly) come out of his shell and discover who he really wants to be. You get to see Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) becoming the man he never was, and you see Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) prove that perseverance and dedication do pay off. All of this is done with Ellin’s trademark wit and style.

There are several dozen cameos, references to the show and laughs that are smart, crass and even disturbing. Basically the movie is a ride that works best if you know these characters, and the tone, inside and out.

That’s a very important distinction, too. The tone of the show, again, is of a different era. At that time, words we now deem offensive were not quite as biting. Watching a show about living in excess was less off-putting then than it is now in a world struggling to survive. With 2015 eyes, many people are sure to be taken back by moments in the movie, like Turtle saying all the guys ever want to do is get laid, or Drama talking about masturbation.

And yet that’s who these characters are and always have been. Either you love to hate them, or you love to love them. They’ve never been particularly wise. They’re just guys, raw, uncensored, yet dedicated and motivated to each other and success. The movie shows those qualities. Some may call them horrible. I call them recognizable, brutal and uncomfortably honest.

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