But you knew it was Jurassic or did you just know it was a big project?

No, I knew it was the next Jurassic World, yeah.  It’s so funny too, they’re so, it’s a secret but–

But they still had you read lions.

Yeah.  They were like it’s Ancient Futures, but it’s also Jurassic World.  But it’s Ancient Futures.  Okay.  So I auditioned, I put myself on tape, didn’t think about it.  And then the very next phone call that I got regarding the project was that hey, not only are they interested, but you’re gonna get a test offer.  And I was like, what?  I remember having a conversation with my lawyer like all right, when we’re putting together the deal and he’s like so in the off chance that this puts you into mega stardom and I was like what is he talking about?  Like I had no, like all of that was so new.  And then JA made me audition like seven times.  And at first I was a little freaked out.  At first, I was like man, why doesn’t he just hire me?  Just cast me, you know?  And I didn’t realize that not only did JA have to convince the studio of what I could do, because let’s face like I’m a nobody.  But also he was able to play director a great deal before we got started.  So he gave me a lot of notes.  I tried a lot of different things.  And he wanted to see–

And they tried to do variations.

Yeah.  He wanted someone who could do comedy and who could do drama and who could improvise a bit and…

Were you ever auditioning against someone or…?

The only time I ever auditioned with anyone was Belen, J.A. and Pat Crowley.  Just the three of them.  I never met anyone until I got to London.  As far as actors go.  Yeah.

Did you get to do a scene with Jeff Goldblum?

I can’t say.

I’m beginning to think his appearance is just a brain in a jar somewhere, ’cause everybody keeps like being so–

Weird about it?

Well yeah. Frank told us he’s the guy that was right.


He told us he bookends the movie.  But that he doesn’t go on the adventure.

I will say as long as it took Jeff to shoot is as long as it took for all the crew to get a picture with him.  Which is really funny.  Like everybody was like hey Jeff, sorry, but can I get a picture?

And can you make me a sandwich.

Yeah, exactly.

I just want him to cook for me.  Every time I see the pictures of him and his food truck or whatever.

I just wanna like hang a coat on him and look up at him just proudly and longingly.

What is the crazy Frank Marshall coffee story?

Oh yeah.  So the I think I wanna say this was oh my God, this may have been the first or second day I was on set.  So I’d already had a heart attack at the table read.  ‘Cause people get fired at the table read and I was like oh shit.  I was having like just total aneurysm.  And then yeah, it was either the first or second day.  And so far I’m having a winning streak with Frank Marshall.  We’re talking and he’s giving me a history of like how Nike got introduced to Back to the Future and all of these sort of like weird, cinematic, esoteric facts that like only Frank Marshall could like cook up and talk about and make interesting.  And anyway, so he walks up to me and I didn’t notice I, there’s a chair next to me.  I had set this fresh, hot coffee down.  And I went to go get something in my bag and Frank walks up to me and he’s like, you know, Daniella, I’ve been meaning to tell you and then he turns around and sits on the coffee and it fucking like compresses and explodes.  And he’s like ohh…  And I’m like… I just sprayed hot coffee all over one of the most powerful producers’ ass.  I’m gonna get fired.  And I–

You stood up and said, who did that?


Whose coffee is that?

And Pat Crowley was there just like…  And I and then right at that moment a P.A. came up to me and was like, hi, Daniella, we need you on set.  And it all happened so fast.  So I had to leave Frank Marshall who’s I don’t, to this day, I don’t know whether he got any third degree burns from that coffee.  And then I went to Belen and I was like who’s the nicest human being, I was like, Belen, please don’t fire me.  And she was like it’s okay, it’s too expensive.

That is so funny.

Yeah.  Pretty terrifying.

And so like the next time you saw him after that, did you just like not make eye contact or not bring it up or what’s the…?

ou know, luckily enough time had passed where I was then able to sort of make a joke about it.  But lots of time passed.  Yeah.  I was avoiding him like the plague.

When coming to this character, did you have any suggestions of like the way you’d wanna take her that wasn’t necessarily on the page?

Yeah, you know, when it came to my character it took a village.  This wasn’t someone who was just cut and paste and that’s what it was.  Like she was sort of formulated over time.  And Chris gave additions to who she was and Bryce had ideas and I had ideas.  And J.A. is a mega, mega creative type.  He’s not just like a blockbuster director.  That’s not his base.  So he’s because he’s very much an artist, he made me cut my own hair, which was very different.  Largest budget movie I’ve ever done and I’m cutting my own hair, which is pretty cool.  Eventually hair and makeup fixed it, thank God.  ‘Cause I have no skill.

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