Watchmen Angela Abar IV

On the December 2, 2019 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson is joined by /Film writer Chris Evangelista to have a spoiler-filled discussion about Watchmen episode 7, titled “An Almost Religious Awe.”

Opening Banter


In Our Feature Presentation


  • We Need to Talk About Calvin
    • Doctor Manhattan reveal – hammer time
    • Does the 7th Kavalry know his identity? How? 
    • What happened on the White Night? Cal has been Doctor Manhattan since at least 2009, but didn’t know it – he presumably didn’t use any powers to protect Angela that night
    • Episode structure sort of mirrors the Doctor Manhattan issue of the Watchmen comics, rapidly flashing back and forward in time
  • Lady Trieu, the Millennium Clock, and Bian
    • Bian is Lady Trieu’s mother…who is her father?
    • Early jump into crackpot corner for a theory
    • Does Bian know Cal’s secret identity? Maybe why she doesn’t let him in?
    • Lady Trieu has a “secret plan to save humanity” – do you believe her?
    • Angela learns that the natural host feeding her memories is an elephant
  • The Trial of Adrian Veidt
    • This is a legal drama now!
    • Fart joke: yay or nay?
    • What’s up with that Crookshanks wink and Veidt’s single tear?
  • Additional topics
    • Angela’s flashbacks to childhood, Sister Night origins, June’s death
    • Agent Blake’s trapdoor scenario: Keene lays out his big plan
    • Looking Glass survived; now has a Rorschach mask
    • Theory: could he become the new Doctor Manhattan? Lube Man’s gotta be coming back to try to save Laurie next week, right?


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