8. The Lazarus Pit is Involved

  • Verdict: Likely false
  • Original Rumor: May 16, 2011. The first images revealed from the set of The Dark Knight Rises were a green screened pit in the middle of a desert. Many believed it was The Lazarus Pit, a place where Ra’s al Ghul can regenerate his powers. As he was dead, people believed it would have to do with Bane.
  • Film Reality: The Lazarus Pit, as seen in the comics, is not in the movie. The pit, however, is a major location in the movie and does serve to let Bruce Wayne regenerate his powers. (If not in the way Ra’s does.)
  • Judgement: Having a pit in the movie is a nice nod to the fans, and while it’s not called the Lazarus Pit like in the comics, it does sort of fit the description. This is a solid adaptation of something fantastic into this realistic world, even if it’s not a perfect match.

9. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a villain

  • Verdict: False
  • Original Rumors: July 20, 1020February 10, 2011 and March 2 2011. The Riddler. Black Mask. Alberto Falcone. Etc. If he wasn’t Robin, everyone thought Gordon-Levitt would be playing a villain of sorts, either the main one or – once those were cast – a pawn.
  • Film Reality: John Blake doesn’t have a bad bone in his body, this was just wishful thinking.
  • Judgement: I love the Blake arc, and Gordon-Levitt’s performance, but it would have been great to see him as a villain. Oh well.

10. Catwoman Steals Wayne’s Family Jewels

  • Verdict: True
  • Original Rumor: December 21, 2011. When Anne Hathaway first appeared in The Dark Knight Rises trailer, she was seen sporting a set of pearls just like Thomas Wayne bought for his wife. Was she cat-burgling Wayne Manor?
  • Film Reality: This is exactly what happened. Whoever was the first person to catch this deserves a pat on the back.
  • Judgement: The pearls, not only a nice link between the first and third film, are a hint at the very, very end of the film as the one lost item on the Wayne manifest. Love that touch.

Of course – these aren’t the only rumors that surrounded this film over the years. Dr. Hugo Strange was supposed to appear, Ellen Page was thought to be in it, neither was true. But still, it’s pretty insane that once cast and title were put in place, almost everything we heard about the movie was true to at least some extent.

Were you excited to see these rumors play out the way they did or were you hoping there were others that got forgotten?

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