Christopher’s Top 10 Trailers of 2014

7. What We Do in the Shadows Trailer

A few things: 1. Comedy is subjective 2. I’ve really grown crusty towards comedic trailers in that I just don’t find much amusing anymore and 3. I love this trailer. It tickled me deeply and thoroughly. There’s just something admirable about watching the Svengali at work here who manages to find a nice steady pace at which to toss out the humor while also providing just enough background to establish why this is something that warrants your full attention. Never mind the metric ton of kudos that this film has received, the trailer takes us through the major beats while never lingering too long in any one place. Everyone gets their chance to slip in their own brand of funny and, for a movie as small as this was, it makes this look like the comedic hit you would be remiss in not catching.

6. The Referee (L’arbitro) Trailer

Do not adjust the tracking on your television, this is indeed a prime pick in this year’s field of great trailers. What this little black and white movie from Italy/Argentina teaches about the way you go to market is that if you have a movie that most no one has ever heard of you have to be considerate of an audience who needs to get up to speed right quick about the story and make it compelling. With a soundtrack that helps to showcase small morsels of moments, we are taken through the high points without having to even read a single word. To wit, this trailer could be shown in its native language without the help of subtitles and you’d still get where we’re headed with this story. It’s charming, funny, and elegant. For anyone looking for something charming, out of the way, and a little on the odd side, I assure you that there’s enough in this trailer to make you wonder where it’s been hiding.

5. Blue Ruin Trailer

Just soak in it. There really isn’t much that can be said about a trailer that encompasses so much heaviness that to tell the story would be to spoil the tale. As we’ve seen with the really effective pieces of marketing, just giving us enough to keep going is all you really have to do to capture attention. Sure, the critical accolades this movie has received, and peppers the trailer, is helpful but it’s the go-forward storytelling that’s the real clencher. We have a clue, an idea, of why we’re here today and what drives our protagonist but it’s the slow descent into madness that’s the hook that embeds itself into our attention span and does not relent.

4. Obvious Child Trailer

There is something so disarming and lovely about this trailer. It’s about as genuinely earnest and honest as anything you’ll see on this list. What’s truly remarkable here is that we open up with Jenny Slate for what is, in trailer seconds, an eon. We’re completely with her on this journey into setting up where is, emotionally. We get it, we get her, we get her life, and when we meet the man who will take up the rest of this experience, and Paul Simon’s “Obvious Child” kicks in, it entirely and totally rockets this trailer high into a wonderful strata that nothing else has been able to trump. The use of color, pull-quotes, and these tiny moments that help define Slate’s character are simply delicious. To thine own self be true.

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