Cord Cutting Options

The battle among streaming services is getting a little more interesting, and further blows are being struck against overpriced cable providers as companies like Vudu and Hulu look to provide a more streamlined television experience at a much lower price.

The Walmart-owned Vudu, who recently struck a deal to develop their own original content with MGM, is planning to provide customers the ability to add-on premium subscriptions like HBO Now, Showtime and Starz. Meanwhile, Hulu is looking to provide subscribers with less-expensive live television bundles, making overstuffed cable packages even more obsolete.

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Vudu Original Shows

Vudu is Walmart’s streaming video service where you can watch digital copies of movies you own, but it also has a library of titles that users can watch for free if they don’t mind some advertisements here and there. Now, the ad-supported Movies On Us section of Vudu will now be getting some original content thanks to a new partnership with MGM to create original series for the streaming service. Read More »