billie lourd carrie fisher

It’s been two years since Carrie Fisher passed away and left ripples throughout the Star Wars community and the rest of the world. But none was more affected by the passing of the writer, personality, actress, princess, and general than her daughter Billie Lourd, who had followed her mother’s footsteps into the acting industry and even co-starred with her in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So on the two-year anniversary of Fisher’s passing, Lourd paid a beautiful musical tribute fitting to Fisher’s larger-than-life personality.

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penny marshall dead

Penny Marshall, the star of the iconic 1970s and 1980s sitcom Laverne and Shirley and the director of beloved classic films like Big and A League of Their Own, has died at the age of 75. She leaves behind her a long and lasting legacy as one of the faces of ’70s television and as one of the most successful female directors in Hollywood history.

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SpongeBob SquarePants creator

Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of Nickelodeon’s smash hit animated series SpongeBob SquarePants, has died. He was 57 years old, and he passed away after a battle with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Read More »

bernardo bertolucci dead

Oscar-winning director Bernardo Bertolucci, best known for his nine-time Oscar-winning masterpiece The Last Emperor, has died at 77.

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Nicolas Roeg obituary

Nicolas Roeg, who directed such memorable films as the psychological horror film Don’t Look Now, the gross-out Roald Dahl adaptation The Witches, and the David Bowie flick The Man Who Fell to Earth, died on November 23, 2018 of natural causes. Roeg’s eclectic filmography was often bold, and sometimes shocking. In the words of Donald Sutherland, who worked with the director on Don’t Look Now, Roeg was a “fearless visionary.”

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Ricky Jay Dead

Ricky Jay is one of those actors who you’d see popping up in the likes of The Prestige, Mystery Men and Boogie Nights, not a household name, but surely one of those people who made audience members go, “Hey, it’s that guy.” But outside of his career on film and television, Ricky Jay was a masterful magician, dubbed “the most gifted sleight of hand artist alive” by The New Yorker. Sadly, Jay has performed his last trick, as the character actor and illusionist has died at age 72. Read More »

William Goldman dead

William Goldman, who won two Oscars for screenwriting over a 50-plus year career, has died at age 87. The acclaimed writer, novelist, and playwright was known for creating indelible characters in films like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Princess Bride, but he’s also famous in Hollywood for his evergreen statement about the inner workings of the entertainment industry: “Nobody knows anything.”
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marvel stan lee tribute

This week, a comic book titan passed away. Stan Lee is a Marvel legend whose influence stretched past the comic book industry and into films, TV, and pop culture in general. The world mourned his passing at the age of 95 in Los Angeles on Monday, and now Marvel Entertainment is joining in with a moving tribute video to the pop culture icon.

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Stan Lee, Comic Book and Pop Culture Legend, Dead at 95

stan lee dead

Stan Lee, the legendary comic book creator, writer, and editor, has passed away at the age of 95. A titan in the field of comics, Lee made his name in the early days of Marvel, co-creating characters like Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and more. In recent years, he transformed himself into an omnipresent pop culture icon, a smirking, charming, devil-may-care rogue with a quip for every occasion and a cameo in nearly every Marvel movie.

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Danny Leiner Dead

Known for directing slacker and stoner comedies like Dude, Where’s My Car? and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle in the early 2000s, filmmaker Danny Leiner has sadly passed away at age 57. But the director had even more of a presence on the small screen, one that wasn’t quite as well-known. We take a look back at the career of Danny Leiner below. Read More »