greenland sequel distributor

Greenland is full of surprises. It’s a surprisingly good Gerard Butler end-of-the-world movie, and it’s also (surprisingly!) getting a sequel. That sequel is called Greenland: Migration, and STX, who distributed the first movie, just plopped down a huge chunk of change for the rights. The sequel will follow Butler’s character and his family after “surviving near-extinction by traversing across the decimated frozen wasteland of Europe to find a new home.”

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Amblin Netflix

Steven Spielberg has taken another step into the world of streaming.

The acclaimed filmmaker, who once seemed publicly averse to the idea of streaming, has just signed a deal for his Amblin Partners production company to produce multiple movies for Netflix per year. But this doesn’t mean all of Spielberg’s new films are going straight to the streamer. Amblin Partners also has an ongoing deal with Universal for theatrical releases, so this deal appears to be more about Spielberg recognizing that the entertainment landscape is shifting and adapting to that reality.
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MoviePass logo

Hey, remember MoviePass? The movie ticketing subscription service shook up the movie theater industry back in 2017 when it boldly offered customers the opportunity to see one movie in theaters every day for the low cost of $10 per month. MoviePass became extremely popular and it sparked plenty of rage from the major movie theater chains. But it flew too close to the sun and came crashing down in 2019 after their costs greatly outweighed the money they were making from subscriptions.

Now a new report from the Federal Trade Commission has revealed that as the company struggled to survive, MoviePass tried to stay afloat by deceptively stopping customers from being able to see movies. That’s right, the one service that customers paid MoviePass to provide was something the company actively tried to prevent. Read More »

mission impossible 7 filming

Looks like Paramount’s mission to finish the long-delayed shoot for Mission: Impossible 7 is proving…not possible. Or at least, extremely difficult, as production on the seventh installment of the Mission: Impossible series has come to a halt after at least one member of the production tested positive for COVID-19.

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Quentin Tarantino retire

For years, Quentin Tarantino has said he wants to end his career on a high note. He’s also said he wants to make 10 movies and retire, but it sounds like he may be reconsidering that stance. On the most recent episode of the New Beverly Theater’s Pure Cinema Podcast, which focused on directors’ final films, Tarantino joked that maybe he should go out on top after making Once Upon a Time in Hollywood a couple of years ago.  Read More »

Ad-Supported HBO Max Tier

Starting today, you can pay a little less to get access to HBO Max if you don’t mind watching some commercials every now and then. Today, the streaming service launched their ad-supported tier for $9.99 per month (or $99.99 for a whole year), which is $5 off the regular ad-free subscription of $14.99 per month (and $50 cheaper than the $149.99 annual pricetag). However, if you’re planning on going with the ad-supported HBO Max subscription, you’ll be missing a few key features. Read More »

city on fire movie

Sony has paid a seven figure number for the rights to author Don Winslow‘s upcoming crime trilogy epic City on Fire. The yet-to-be-published crime books from Winslow, who has penned the screenplays to adaptations of his novels like Savages and Satori, has already generated enough buzz to become one of the biggest book deals of the year so far.

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New Alamo Drafthouse Theaters

The saga of the Alamo Drafthouse continues. The movie theater chain has received a lot of unwanted attention recently, with both hostile workplace allegations being levied against the company and then an announcement in March that revealed Drafthouse had filed for bankruptcy. But now, things seem to be improving as the Drafthouse has revealed they’ll be opening five new theaters in the coming year.

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Warner Bros. Discovery logo

The era of corporate consolidation continues in Hollywood, with AT&T announcing last month the intention of a merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery. There are still lots of questions about what that new entity is going to look like (whether HBO Max and Discovery+ will be rolled into one streaming service, for example), but one big question has now been answered: the name.

According to reports from a staff meeting held today, the new company name will be Warner Bros. Discovery – and it’s using a quote from one of WB’s most famous movies to try to sell itself to investors. Read More »

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AMC ArcLight

The pandemic has taken a toll on movie theaters. Earlier this year, it was announced that the Los Angeles ArcLight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres would be closing for good, including the famous Hollywood Arclight multiplex on Sunset Boulevard and its iconic Cinerama Dome. The news upset cinephiles, and now here’s some more news that might not sit so well. AMC Theatres is in the midst of talks to acquire ArcLight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres venues.

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