Disney/Fox Merger Will Result in at Least 4,000 Lost Jobs

Disney/Fox merger

Ever since the Disney/Fox merger was announced, we’ve known that hard-working employees of the studios were going to end up as collateral damage when the dust settled. While the deal hasn’t officially gone through yet, a new report says that after it does, at least 4,000 people are going to lose their jobs.
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michael b jordan amazon

Not content to simply dominate the big screen, Michael B. Jordan will be taking over the small screen as well. The Creed II star has just signed a first-look television deal with Amazon that comes just as his next starring vehicle Without Remorse receives a 2020 release date. The Michael B. Jordan Amazon deal comes on the heels of yet another first-look deal that the actor signed with Warner Bros. Just another step for Jordan to continue his total domination f Hollywood.

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Ultraviolet Shutting Down

When studios first started offering digital copies of movies with home video releases on Blu-ray and DVD, Ultraviolet was one of the first services to host a library of titles for customers. Now the company is shutting down.

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) announced that the Ultraviolet digital movie locker will shut down this summer. What does that mean for customers who have a collection of movies redeemed through the Ultraviolet digital movie service? Find out below. Read More »

into the dark

Universal Studios has become the first major Hollywood studio to accept the 4 Percent Challenge to hire more female directors in 2019. Issued by Time’s Up and the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, the 4 Percent Challenge, which calls on Hollywood industry leaders to commit to announcing one project with a female director in the next 18 months, has already received the enthusiastic support of dozens of high-profile producers and actors. But Universal marks the first — but hopefully not the last — major studio to take on the challenge.

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Disney+ logo

The Walt Disney Co. is planning to spend “real money” on its original Star Wars and Marvel titles for its upcoming streaming service Disney+. The highly anticipated streaming platform already has titles like The Mandalorian and the Loki and Scarlet Witch shows under its umbrella, but Disney may reportedly spend up to $500 million on original programming this year.

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time's up challenge

2018 saw a dramatic dip in female directors working in Hollywood — an already low-statistic that can’t afford to take any more hits. This in spite of the work of the Time’s Up and Me Too movements that have taken Hollywood by storm, making accountable the powerful men and abusers who had eluded justice before.

But it’s not enough just to call out abusers, Hollywood needs to prop up underrepresented women as well. That’s what the new Time’s Up Challenge is about: encouraging Hollywood’s movers and shakers to work with a female director in the next 18 months. Proposed by Tessa Thompson, the challenge is called the #4PercentChallenge, based on the measly fraction of women who have directed the top 100 studio films in the last decade, and has already been accepted by dozens of directors, producers, writers, and actors.

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apple streaming service

Apple‘s streaming video service may still not have a name, but a new report says that the streaming platform and its various original titles could launch as soon as this spring. The tech company is reportedly planning an April 2019 date for the Apple streaming service launch, which would put the platform in direct competition with Disney’s standalone streaming service, Disney+.

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hillbilly elegy

Ron Howard is the latest filmmaker to land a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix. The streaming giant took on his latest film, Hillbilly Elegy, for a whopping $45 million after a competitive bidding situation in which Netflix nearly doubled the offers of its rivals.

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BlacKkKlansman in Theaters

The nominations for the 91st Academy Awards were announced earlier this week, and while The Favourite and Roma led the pack with 10 nominations each, let’s not forget that the frustratingly timely and relevant BlacKkKlansman also landed six nominations, including one for director Spike Lee. The film hit theaters back in August and has been available on home video for a few months now, but since the film has been given an extra boost of interest thanks to the Oscar noms, audiences will be able to catch BlacKkKlansman in theaters again. Read More »

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MoviePass Family Plan

You don’t recognize MoviePass anymore. Maybe it hurt you, maybe it betrayed you one too many times, and you’ve decided to leave it behind. But like a bad boyfriend, MoviePass wants you back and it’ll even go back to the way things were before things got complicated. That’s right, MoviePass is bringing back its unlimited plan as part of its new relaunch to attempt to shake off its troubled image and bring on new (or old) subscribers.

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