imax vr experience centre

IMAX VR was supposed to change the face of cinema. When IMAX opened its ground-breaking virtual reality centers in several cities around the world last year, the film community was abuzz with excitement. Would this change movie-going as we know it? Could we finally live our dreams of fighting alongside John Wick?

A year later, it seems like the answer is: probably not. IMAX has closed down two of its VR centers in New York and Shanghai, leaving the future of IMAX VR in question.

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Amazon May Acquire Landmark Theatres Movie Chain

amazon landmark

Amazon is expanding its footing in Hollywood into the brick-and-mortar industry. The tech giant is reportedly in the running to acquire Landmark Theatres, a move that comes soon after the Department of Justice announced its intention to re-evaluate a law barring movie studios from owning theatrical chains.

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MoviePass Losing Money

Karmic retribution comes fast for MoviePass soon after the ticket-buying service prevented its subscribers from cancelling their subscription plans. The service’s parent company Helios and Matheson revealed its MoviePass losses to be an at all-time high, ballooning from less than $3 million this quarter last year to $126.6 million.

To add onto that, MoviePass is also facing potential lawsuits from its frustrated shareholders, who are accusing the company of fraud and misinformation. Looks like karma is working overtime.

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MoviePass Cancellation

Update: It seems that Costo will accept returns on any one-year MoviePass subscriptions purchased in their stores. We have added the details below.

Just when you think MoviePass can’t sink any lower, they go and do something like this.

Last week, MoviePass unveiled their new subscription plan, which is becoming their only subscription plan and goes into effect this week on August 15. Instead of the subscription giving customers one movie ticket a day to see a wide variety of films playing at their local multiplex, subscribers now only have the option to pay $9.95 a month for just three movie tickets. The deal was made even worse when customers realized last weekend that MoviePass was limiting the selection of movies available to just two options. But today, they’re doing something even more questionable and despicable.

Last night, some users found out that even though they had canceled their MoviePass subscription, they had been automatically opted in to this new subscription plan, and that “choice” to opt in trumped any cancellation they might have previously confirmed. This is shady as hell. Read More »

Legendary Pictures

In a move that you might have seen coming if you follow these sorts of things, Legendary Pictures is cutting ties with Universal and likely returning home to Warner Bros. Legendary parted ways with Warners back in 2013 and set up shop at Universal, but the partnership hasn’t worked out so well. Now, back to Warner Bros. they go!

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MoviePass Limits Movie Choices

Another weekend has arrived, creating another opportunity for MoviePass to disappoint their customers.

This week already brought news that MoviePass would soon only be offering a new $9.95 subscription plan that gives new and renewing monthly subscribers just three movie tickets a month. That’s a far cry from the initial plan that offered one movie ticket a day, but it’s the only way the company will be able to stay afloat after hemorrhaging money last month to the point that their service was shut down after they literally couldn’t pay their bills. But MoviePass is still getting worse.

Not only did the MoviePass service go down again on Friday evening, but subscribers were only given two movie choices when trying to check in to a movie at theaters that don’t offer advance e-ticketing options (where MoviePass has partnerships with theaters). MoviePass admitted that this is a new official practice to help them right the sinking ship. Read More »

Movies Anywhere App

Movies Anywhere has become quite the convenient app for streaming most of the digital movies that viewers have acquired over the years. Whether you’ve bought them from iTunes, Amazon Prime, Vudu, Google Play or Fandango NOW, you can access most of your movies purchased on one of those services on each of the others. And now one more digital movie retailer has joined the mix.

The Microsoft Movies & TV app for Xbox and Windows 10 has been added to the line-up of services that will allow your movie library to crossover between other streaming apps. Plus, for viewers who connect their Microsoft account to Movies Anywhere for the first time, they’ll get a free movie to add to their digital collection. Read More »

Deadpool 2 Extended Cut - Comic-Con 2018 Schedule

If you think the Disney Fox deal — which has overcome obstacles like competing bidders and the federal government — has felt like it’s been in limbo too long, look to the state of 20th Century Fox. By this time next year, the movie studio may not even exist.

Potential job losses and the questionable futures of movie projects in development have caused operations at Fox to slow down, as employees and executives alike question whether the Walt Disney Company’s family-friendly brand could put a stop to the majority of Fox’s more mature fare.

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guardians of the galaxy 3 script

Despite nearly a month passing since Disney’s firing of James Gunn, the status of the immensely popular Guardians of the Galaxy films remains a mystery. Marvel Studios has honed itself into a movie-making machine in the past decade, and a month without a director or writer is lost time and money for the company. But curiously, the House of Mouse has yet to announce a new director for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, even as Gunn reportedly fields tons of new offers from competing studios.

Now, a new report suggests that Disney still plans to use the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 script that Gunn was working on before he was controversially fired over old offensive tweets. Read More »


Any time a start-up manages to raise $1 billion in the entertainment space, it’s worth raising an eyebrow. But when that same company’s investors include every single major Hollywood movie studio and a tech giant like the Chinese company Alibaba (which is worth over $500 billion and is one of the 10 biggest companies in the world), it’s really worth paying attention.

Enter NewTV, the working title for a new media company that “brings together the best of Silicon Valley and Hollywood to create the first entertainment platform built for easy, on-the-go mobile viewing, allowing today’s leading studios and creative talent to tell original stories in an entirely new way.” Buzzwords aside, what does that actually mean? Read More »