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Another year has almost come to a close, and that means it’s time for the National Film Registry at the Library of Congress to add 25 more movies to their archive that protects and preserves “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant films.”

This year, there seems to be a concerted effort to better represent a more diverse slate of films rather than common beloved classics. While there are entries like Clerks, Platoon and Sleeping Beauty, this year’s entries also include the LGBTQ documentary Before Stonewall, the true story Boys Don’t Cry, and even an old recording of immigrants arriving fresh off the boat at Ellis Island in New York City. Get the full list of 2019 National Film Registry movies below. Read More »

The Mandalorian Passed Stranger Things

Even if you haven’t seen Stranger Things, you probably know the Netflix series is one of the most popular streaming original shows on the market. But this week, the Disney+ original series The Mandalorian finally surpassed the series as the most in-demand original streaming show in the United States, breaking a streak of 21 weeks. Read More »

paramount consent decrees

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Justice Department is moving to completely wipe out the Paramount consent decrees, a ruling which, for the past 70 years, has regulated how movie studios distribute films to movie theaters. If those decrees are indeed overturned (and it looks like they will be), it could have devastating consequences to the theater industry as we know it, and the entire movie landscape could shift as a result. Here’s what this means in practical terms.
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Netflix playback speeds

Netflix wants you to know that they are not concerned about the launch of Disney+, a service that will quickly become one of their biggest competitors.

Speaking at the Paley International Council Summit in New York today, Netflix chief creative officer Ted Sarandos was asked what has changed at Netflix in the wake of Disney+’s release earlier this week, and he responded, “I don’t mean to say this [as] anything but the truth, which is — nothing, really.” Read his justification for that statement below, as well as his most recent thoughts on the problem of Peak TV.
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christian bale weight

Christian Bale is a great actor, and he’s also the type of actor who likes to go above and beyond for his roles. Over his career, Bale has lost and gained drastic amounts of weight, be it to play a rail-thin insomniac in The Machinist or a portly Dick Cheney in Vice. But according to Bale himself, his days of dramatic weight loss and gain for movie parts are over.

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friendsgiving movie

As long as there are an infinite number of holidays, there will always be holiday ensemble comedies. But Friendsgiving one might be one that we can give thanks for. Produced by Ben Stiller and starring an all-star cast of comedians that includes Malin Akerman, Kat Dennings, Chelsea Peretti, Christine Taylor, Jane Seymour, and more, Friendsgiving has just been picked up by Saban Films with a planned theatrical release for long after Thanksgiving. But hey, being thankful is a year-round experience.

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spider-man disney deal

Fans of Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man breathed a sigh of relief when Sony Pictures Entertainment and Walt Disney Studios announced that they had come to an agreement over the beloved webslinger’s fate in the Marvel Cinematic Universe last month. It was the triumphant end of what seemed like a viciously fought battle on both sides — Sony holding the movie rights to Spider-Man, Disney demanding higher profits, Marvel and its fans caught in the middle. Holland rallied fans to demand that Sony and Disney make peace in this “feud” so that Spider-Man could stay in the MCU, and a deal was finally struck. But two Disney and Sony executives now claim that the two companies would have come to this result regardless of all the hoopla surrounding it.

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The battle for the superior streaming service will be fought in boardrooms and banks. As Hollywood’s biggest companies and studios turn their eye to streaming platforms, they’re also emptying their wallets with the knowledge that these platforms won’t be profitable for at least several years.

But that won’t stop AT&T, which last year acquired WarnerMedia in a massive merger, from spending upwards of $2 billion on its forthcoming streaming service HBO Max. That’s big bucks from any perspective, but how do those HBO Max costs compare to the costs of its rival new streaming platforms, Disney+ and Apple TV+?

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When it comes to Netflix original movies and television shows, there has been some question as to how the streaming service collects and reports their viewership statistics. There have been a number of impressive reports of viewership for movies like Bright and shows like Stranger Things, but without any details about the metrics by which a given program’s viewership is recorded, no one has fully trusted the company’s internal numbers. But thankfully, some new information gives us a better idea of how to interpret the internal numbers that Netflix records and reports. Read More »

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Marvel TV Head Jeph Loeb is Leaving the Company

Jeph Loeb

It had been rumored, but now it’s official: Jeph Loeb is on the way out at Marvel Television. Loeb was the Marvel TV head for almost a decade, but the recent promotion of Kevin Feige to Marvel’s chief creative officer lead many to believe Loeb’s time with Marvel was coming to an end. Loeb is said to be in the midst of formulating an exit plan and will announce his departure no later than Thanksgiving.

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