Amy Poehler and Adam Scott have shown such fantastic chemistry in NBC’s Parks & Recreation that the pair are gearing up to work together again. This time, however, they won’t be romancing each other — far from it. Poehler has entered talks to join Scott in A.C.O.D., in which he plays a man named Carter who discovers that years ago, he was enrolled in a study about children of divorce. When he’s called upon for a follow-up study, chaos breaks out among his family and he struggles to keep the peace.

Richard Jenkins and Catherine O’Hara are set to play Carter’s parents, while Poehler has entered final negotiations for the role of Jenkins’ new wife. That’s right: Leslie Knope will be Ben Wyatt’s stepmom in this movie. Which is even more awkward than that time Leslie’s mom hit on Ben. Yeesh.

Shooting on A.C.O.D. is scheduled to start next week in Atlanta with Stu Zicherman at the helm. Jessica Alba, Jane Lynch, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead also star. [Deadline]

After the jump, Diablo Cody’s title-less directorial debut casts two more.

 Kathleen Rose Perkins and Sarah Colonna have joined Diablo Cody‘s directorial debut, formerly titled Lamb of God. The script, also by Cody, centers around a sheltered evangelical (Julianne Hough) who loses her faith after a horrific plane crash leaves her with burns covering a third of her body. The young woman then leaves her Washington, D.C. home and church for Las Vegas, where she experiences the wilder side of life. Along the way, she crosses paths with characters played by Octavia Spencer and Russell Brand. Nick Offerman and Holly Hunter also star.

Perkins currently appears on Showtime’s Episodes, and has The Pact and Cowgirls n’ Angels due to hit theaters this year. Colonna regularly appears on E!’s Chelsea Lately and its spinoff After Lately, and is now shooting Michael Rosenbaum’s Old Days. [Deadline, here and here]

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