A rare moment of vulnerability for our villain, we see Black Mask having a breakdown. There is a nice bit of ominous imagery in this shot: Black Mask stands in front of a wall between two painted figures — one whose head is completely covered in back, with only the red eyes and lips peeking through; and another white figure with black rope around its neck. The figure to the left is a nice nod to the traditional appearance of Black Mask, which is a skull-like all-black face with glowing red eyes.

Harley and Cassandra enter a creepy abandoned circus attraction that is either Harley’s old base with the Joker, or their new living space. Or it could be the enemy’s lair, though it wouldn’t be likely that they would enter alone and without back-up.

I don’t have a reason for this shot, I just wanted to look at blonde Chris Messina.

The plot shirt returns! Harley seems to have been hit with a dart and is slipping out of consciousness. This might be a glimpse of Harley’s capture by Black Mask, leading to her being held hostage at the nightclub.

In Harley’s plot shirt, we see that she and Cassandra have been handcuffed together and are making their escape in what can only be a stolen car. This might be the first meeting between the pair, and what leads Cassandra to stick by Harley’s side even after they get their handcuffs off.

Throughout the trailer, Edith Piaf’s jazzy “Hymne à l’amour” has been playing, and we see Harley lip-syncing to the song in full Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes regalia. Her background dancers are all notably wearing black masks — perhaps this is a hallucination that Harley experiences after she’s been captured by Black Mask and shot by a dart?

Harley is proposing a team-up between the skeptical Black Canary, Huntress, Renee Montoya (who it should be noted, is being billed as The Question), and Cassandra Cain. They’re all standing in a room that has some interesting red spiral-y lines on the wall that look similar to the background of where an upside-down Zsasz was before. This looks like the Black Mask’s lair, where the girls have all assembled to take down the crime lord.

Harley has gotten another costume change (which is a nice change of pace from her increasingly torn Suicide Squad outfit), and looks downright glamorous in a pink scarf and trenchcoat as she shoots a security guard with what looks to be a non-lethal gun. But it’s still enough force to send him flying back.

I hope she isn’t crying because of the hyena.

Harley’s plot shirt makes a return, as she fights her way through security guards and sets off the building’s sprinklers. This shot seems to take place right before the scene where she protects Cassandra from a group of leather jacket-clad goons.

Harley’s adorable, bright apartment gets destroyed by a huge explosion, while she and Cassandra hide under a table. This seems to take place after their grocery store shopping spree seen earlier in the trailer, but it seems like they won’t get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

This shot doesn’t have much plot bearing, but I just wanted to point out the stark difference between this scene — where Harley confidently dances around a pole in a silver jacket and some cute pants — and Harley’s introduction in Suicide Squad, where she is shimmying down a pole in a slinky silver dress. It’s so much less leering and gratuitous than before, and we even get to see her crush a man’s balls in another shot. This movie already seems great.

We get to see a little of Huntress practicing with her crossbow in a field with a scarecrow. She usually fights in her tight-fitting leather jackets and pants while as a vigilante, but it’s nice to see her in a colorful tracksuit.

“You’re that psycho chick,” a frightened Cassandra says to Harley, who is insulted by the word. “You never call a woman chick. I’ll accept broad, lady, woman, and on occasion, bitch.” Cassandra’s confusion is heightened when Harley hands her a cartoonish-looking stick of dynamite to throw behind them. This looks like their first meeting after their escape, but it shows that Harley still maintains that insane and irreverent sense of humor is still very much the same.


Birds of Prey flies into theaters on February 7, 2020.

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