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Once you’ve seen a movie a few times, the main story just isn’t as exciting. Your eyes begin to wander around the frame seeking other details. You might find surprises the filmmaker put in there on purpose, or happy accidents, but either way, the best movies always find ways to reward a viewer over and over again.

A movie that definitely fits that description is the first Pitch Perfect. It’s an immensely entertaining and rewarding film that gets better with every single rewatch. Want to know why Pitch Perfect 2 just made $70 million at the box office opening weekend? It’s because fans watched the first film so many times, they were dying for something new from the characters.

Since its release, I’ve watched Pitch Perfect dozens of times and have gotten to a point where the big moments aren’t my favorites. Instead, I’ve become semi-obsessed with some smaller moments. Forty-five of them, to be exact. Some of these are tiny nuances in a performance, weird line deliveries, or an odd piece of production design. Others are funny lines, random asides, touching moments, or scenes that I look at in a different way than most people. Either way, add this odd collection of randomness with the obvious stuff, like the music, and you’ve got a fantastic movie that made a really great sequel.

Below, read along with what I feel are the most random, funny, under-appreciated and best Pitch Perfect moments.

Banks Higgins Pitch Perfect

Note: The times before each entry are the time stamp when watching the film on Blu-ray.

2:18 – Elizabeth Banks‘ character Gail Abernathy, an cappella competition announcer, says Bumper (Adam DeVine) does “sexy man splits.”

6:35 – Upon arriving to Barden University, Beca (Anna Kendrick) walks through the quad and a group of idiot frat guys are rating girls on a scale of 1-10.

6:44 – Seconds later, a girl’s huge cart of stuffed animals falls on the ground. Why is she bringing so many stuffed animals to college?

7:20 – It’s not exactly subtle, but the fact Benji (Ben Platt) has totally converted his room to Star Wars in mere hours gets me every time.

8:00 – Beca’s dad (John Benjamin Hickey) comes into his daughter’s room with the line, “Hide your wine coolers.”

12:40 – Beca and Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) are both intrigued by a booth at the activities fair for the “Barden DJ’s.” In this case, DJ stands for “Deaf Jews.” This whole exchange is one of my favorites in the entire film.

Pitch Perfect

13:57 – The Treblemakers are singing at the activities fair and one of their members crashes on a unicycle in the background.

15:32 – Benji and Jesse (Skylar Astin) approach the Trebles and when Bumper gives them the “Hard pass” on hanging out, you can hear his cheeks slapping together from shaking his head so fast.

25:36 – The entire “Since You Been Gone” audition montage is great, but the highlight is the opera singer guy doing his rendition.

26:08 – Another weird moment from the same montage is the fact Benji is wearing a t-shirt with a fake tie on it and Ugg boots. Who dresses him?

26:32 – At the end of the auditions, Tommy (Christopher Mintz-Plasse in a fun cameo) says “I’m really not impressed this year” off camera.

28:18 – Jesse gets inducted into the Treblemakers and Bumper says “Look who’s in Treble.” Which is funny, but it’s funnier when Donald (Utkarsh Ambudkar) says “Classic Pun.”

Bumper and Donald Pitch Perfect

30:28 – Donald and Bumper are talking at the a capella mixer and have a few of the movie’s funniest lines. It starts with Donald’s meme-worthy “Bumper and Donald, gettin’ it.” Quickly followed by Bumper saying “You want some of this. Theeeeese.” Really funny.

31:20 – Fat Amy telling Aubrey (Anna Camp) about her “Orthodox Jew ponytail” is obvious. Less obvious are Camp’s terrible reactions to Wilson’s improv.

31:34 – Donald – “Here’s a question. Who’d be easier to sleep with? Captain America or a Great White Shark.” And without hesitation, Bumper immediately is about to go into the reason why a “Great White Shark” would be easier before being interrupted. Genius.

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