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Loki and Odin: VERY LIKELY Last time we saw Loki, he had taken over Asgard under the appearance of Odin. We know that Tom Hiddleston and Anthony Hopkins both appear in Thor: Ragnarok, as set photos have shown them in a New York setting (likely seeking out Doctor Strange). So it’s unclear what Loki’s motivations will be going into Infinity War, but we do know that the Space Stone (better known as the Tesseract from Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers) is now in Odin’s vault after Thor used it to transport Loki back to Asgard at the end of The Avengers. So either Loki will be helping Thanos out in his scheme to destroy the world or he will be subject to attack when Thanos goes to retrieve the Space Stone. And I’m not sure if this will come into play, but Kevin Feige has confirmed that Odin’s treasure room also has its own Gauntlet. Is that just the remnant explanation of an Easter egg that can’t really be explained, or will that gauntlet come into play in Infinity War?

Jane Foster: NOT LIKELY We know for sure she won’t be in Thor: Ragnarok. I wouldn’t expect to see Natalie Portman reprise her role as Thor’s Earth love as the actress has said that as far as she knows, “I’m done.” But she seems to leave the door open for a return, and I would think that Marvel would have to conclude her character’s storyline at some point. And for a big epic event like Infinity War, there need to be some casualties. It would be a perfect way to write her character out of the universe.

Dr. Erik Selvig: CONFIRMED Stellan Skarsgård revealed in February that he still has one film left in his five-picture contract, and that Thor: Ragnarok would not be that film as much of it is not set on Earth. The actor has said that he is likely to return for Avengers: Infinity War. , and it would make sense to involve him to ground the plot in some pseudo-science.

Heimdall: VERY LIKELY We don’t know if Idris Elba‘s character will appear in Infinity War, although fans have speculated that the Soul Stone might be in the hands of Heimdall. Remember, the character says he can see all the souls in the nine realms. Maybe it’s due to the Soul Stone? Take that into account with the fact that in Thor’s vision of the future in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Heimdall is blind. If that future is in a time where Thanos has obtained all the stones, then that could explain his blindness. Finally, though less convincing, is the fact that Heimdall’s eyes are about the same color as the Soul Stone, a shade of orange. Who know if this theory adds up to anything. But if so, Elba would certainly make an appearance.

The Warriors Three MAYBE It’s unclear if the Warriors Three (Ray Stevenson as Volstagg, Tadanobu Asano as Hogun, Josh Dallas / Zachary Levi as Fandral) will appear in Infinity War at this time.

Sif: MAYBE We know that Jaimie Alexander‘s character will have a major role in Thor: Ragnarok, but we don’t know if she will make an appearance in the upcoming Avengers double feature.

Darcy Lewis: NOT LIKELY It is unknown if Kat Dennings will make an appearance in Infinity War, but it’s unlikely her character would be needed unless just to provide a fun cameo appearance alongside Dr. Erik Selvig or to be used as possible ground-level stakes.

Ian Boothby: NOT LIKELY While it’s unlikely we’ll see Darcy or her boyfriend (played by Jonathan Howard) in the films, Infinity War screenwriter Christopher Markus did say that he was one of the cards of possibilities on the wall in the story room. Of course, his mention of this was to illustrate just how anyone who wasn’t dead in the MCU could make it into the story. It is interesting that instead of just populating the world with extras, they could probably call back actors and characters like this to fill in the on-the-street level destruction and devastation of a film like this.

Hela VERY LIKELY Cate Blanchett will portray Hela, the Asgardian Goddess of Death and one of Thor’s classic comic book foes in Thor: Ragnarok. It is speculated that her character, who is known as the goddess of death, may be able to stand in as the physical embodiment of Death, a character who drives Thanos to all the destruction and chaos that he will unleash in Infinity War and beyond. Of course, Kevin Feige tap-danced around the theory successfully when asked about it at the Doctor Strange junket (“Anything is possible. but knowledge of the comics can be both beneficial to fans anticipating things, and also misleading. So you’ll have to see.”)

Black Panther Plot Details

Black Panther

Not having seen Black Panther’s standalone movie, it’s hard to theorize on who might appear in Infinity War. Will Michael B. Jordan appear as Erik Killmonger? Lupita Nyong’o as Nakia? Danai Gurira as Okoye? It’s all unclear at this point.

Kevin Feige, Brie Larson at Marvel Comic-Con 2016


Captain Marvel: VERY LIKELY Captain Marvel’s solo film won’t hit theaters until March 2019, almost a year after Infinity War will be released, but the Russo brothers have hinted and hinted again that Brie Larson‘s character will make an appearance in Infinity War. It may seem weird to introduce a new character in this ensemble film, but remember that Captain Marvel hits theaters only a few months before The Avengers 4, which — while it’s no longer titled Infinity War – Part II — is rumored to be a direct continuation of the storyline. If I were to guess, I would say that Captain Marvel’s origin might come directly from the events in Infinity War.

Stan Lee:  VERY LIKELY The legendary comic book creator has had cameo appearances in almost every Marvel movie to date, so I’d expect him to appear somewhere in Infinity War. Even if the 93-years-young Lee were to pass away before the filming of the movie, I’m sure Marvel would find a way to honor Stan the Man in the movie.

X-Men: NOT LIKELY There have been rumors that members of the X-Men Universe could appear in Infinity War in a deal similar to the one that Marvel made with Sony for Spider-Man. However, the filmmakers behind Infinity War have not heard any rumblings of such and considering they are finalizing the script now, I think it’s rather unlikely that we’ll see any of the X-verse in Infinity War. While it would be a treat for fans, I don’t think Fox is financially motivated like Sony was to make it happen. That said, Infinity War should bring some massive changes to the MCU and if a deal were to happen sometime, it would probably make more sense to bring them in after the expected shift in this universe.

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