Geoffrey Wessel

Photo of Geoffrey Wessel
Chicago, IL
Ball State University
Alan Moore & Grant Morrison Comics, Doctor Who, Classic Anime
  • Geoffrey wrote and self-published several comics in the 2010s, with a graphic novel from Dark Horse coming in March 2023. One of his stories was once in an Eisner- and Harvey-nominated anthology in 2014.
  • He has a TV credit to his name -- BAR KARMA Episode 8 from 2011. An idea Geoffrey submitted was used for the opening plot hook of this episode.
  • Geoffrey's work and dealings in the comics industry has seen him rub shoulders with creators who have since gone to have major success in TV and movies, including George RR Martin and Mark Millar.


Geoffrey Wessel has been writing and podcasting about a wide array of topics from comics to Japanese pro wrestling for numerous websites and other forums, including Bleeding Cool Magazine, The Cauldron (formerly on Medium) and, since the late 20th century. Geoffrey also hosts a podcast covering and making jokes about professional soccer. In addition to his fiction writing, he is also in the midst of researching for a book on the topic of Japanese pro wrestling, covering the years 1999 - 2005.


Geoffrey initially went to Ball State University to study TV/radio and telecommunications. He eventually graduated with a BA in Japanese Language and Culture, keeping the TV/Radio as a minor.
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