With metahumans, you have three other shows that have workshopped them. Can you draw on things that The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow did?

We have. Yet on Arrow we have to be so specific because we’re more grounded. When the show launched, they said there would be no superpowers and now we have those in our universe. It’s a question of how you do that and what are the right stories to carry those powers.

Was there one classic season one episode to which we can expect an homage?

Yeah, I think episode 106 with the Royal Flush gang, the one where Oliver and Diggle really struggled over the question of whether or not he should be killing people. We will definitely be exploring that territory in season five.

One thing that’s changed is Thea has now been involved in the Arrow team. There’s no going back from that. Does that add a new twist to going back to season one with Thea having worn a hood and fought crime?

One of the things we’re really excited about Thea is that she has struggled as much as Oliver to leave her family’s legacy behind. In season five she’s going to be figuring out she’s a lot more like her mother than she ever thought.

What’s easier after four seasons?

I think you really know the characters. You know the characters really well. You know them having been on the show from episode 102 on. There’s a familiarity and a shorthand in terms of the writing and the voices of the dialogue that make the show jus really fun to write.

Have you taken more of a central role on Arrow as many of the showrunners have gone off and launched other shows?

I have. It’s been a real honor to step up. Having come on the show as a co-producer and to now be running it, they’ve been amazing and empowered me. I’ve had my hands in everything and it’s been amazing.

Of the four shows, has Arrow been the most under wraps in its new season? I feel like I’ve heard more about what’s coming on the other shows.

That’s interesting. I don’t know. I feel like we’ve talked about going back to Russia for the flashbacks. We’re returning to our roots. We know we’re doing Prometheus. We announced that character at Comic-Con. We haven’t announced the casting for that so that might be part of what you’ve ben feeling.

When Felicity has a new love interest, what kind of man can measure up to Ray and Oliver?

That’s a really good question. I think we wanted to have a guy, straight shooter, honorable, kind of man of the people and someone that is completely different than Ray and Oliver. He’s not a superhero, doesn’t have any aspirations to be a superhero but in his own way, he is a hero. He loves her.

Is she ready for a relationship?

That’s an excellent question as well. I think she’s trying to figure that out. I think that Oliver is a tough act to follow. I think Oliver quite possibly in her mind at the end of season four might still be the love of her life, but I think she feels that she owes it to herself to figure out whether that’s true or not.

How is Diggle’s marriage? Is everything okay at home?

[Laughs] I think that in season four, we really explored how would Lyla react to this news that Dig killed his brother. At the end of the day, Lyla is a soldier and Dig is a soldier and I think that is going to keep their relationship on solid ground for a long time to come.

Does he get some cool badass moments in the first few episodes back?

Yeah, Dig is a badass. When he decides to come back to Star City he’s going to have a cool interest.

It was interesting to see Quentin on Legends of Tomorrow breaking the news to Sara about Laurel. Was it a nice way to resolve the Laurel storyline on a different show?

Anytime we can bring our characters into the other shows, I think it’s such an exciting thing for the fans. It’s an opportunity in that case, not to see characters we haven’t seen play scenes together before because we’ve seen Paul [Blackthorne] and Caity [Lotz] do scenes together. But in general as a rule to see Paul in the universe of Legends is just fun. The fans love it. We love to write it and anticipate how those stories are going to work out. It’s fun.

Something that major where a character dies with a sibling on a different show. Was that something you really wanted to address on Legends, that Sara doesn’t just go on with her own show?

I think in general we always look for where is the best place to tell the story? If it has more impact on Legends then let’s do it there. If it plays better on Arrow or Flash, it’s a very fluid process and we always want to do it wherever it’s best.


Arrow returns Wednesday, October 5 at 8PM on The CW.

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