Ant-Man Douglas Stoll

40. A blank slate – The Archives building hasn’t been occupied for years, which is why it made a great space for the film. Reed even said it was slowly sinking into the ground and would be demolished in the next few years.

41. The Lobby set – Most of day two’s filming takes place in the lobby of Pym Tech (above), which so happens to be the lobby of the Archives building. The design team went nuts in here, adding metal fixtures all over, and huge green granite extensions above some of the doors. There’s a massive hand-painted portrait of Hank Pym at one end, a full security desk, and logos everywhere.

42. Scene 100: Part 1 – The scene shot on day 38 (October 10, 2014) was scene 100 of the film, which we heard was near the end of act one, beginning of act two. The scenes featured Corey Stoll in a shiny black suit, Evangeline Lilly sporting an ear-length bob, and Michael Douglas in a sharp maroon suit. A mysterious character played by Martin Donovan was also also in the crowd.

43. Scene 100: Part 2 – Darren Cross has an announcement. After being introduced as the “visionary chairman and CEO,” he comes out. “My fellow visionaries, today I’m going to introduce a technology so revolutionary, so monumental, that it’ll etch Pym technologies into history. And maybe, you as well.” He then shakes hands with a bunch of people in the crowd and the extras follow him deeper into the lobby.

In the back of the lobby stands Hank Pym. His daughter, Hope, walks up. “Hope, I haven’t seen you in a long time.” “I’m sure Darren will be pleased you’re here,” she retorts. Just then, Cross makes his way to them. “’Pleased’ isn’t the word. ‘Thrilled’ is more like it.” “I was surprised to get an invitation from you Darren, what’s the occasion?” You’ll see, won’t he Hope.” A beat, “They’re ready for you inside,” she says. “Ouch,” says Cross. I guess old wounds die hard. Don’t worry, she’s in good hands,” he says to Pym.

44. Subtle improv – In later takes of this scene, Stoll’s performance will get larger and more comical. He’ll add lines such as “Do you hear that? That’s the sound of history.” Rudd said there was room for improv on the film and this is a good example. Reed got lots of takes of Cross being everything from menacing to charming and even kind of doofish.

45. Martin Donovan – Days before this scene was shot, news broke of Martin Donovan being cast in the film in a crucial role. He’s in this scene and it’s obvious he has a problem with the whole scenario. He’s shooting daggers at Pym as he talks to Cross. Unfortunately, no one would confirm who he was playing. He’s important though because one of the next set ups on the above scene perfectly frames his character over the left shoulder of Cross.

46. The 10 Rings – While it may not be visible in the final film, one of the characters in this scene – maybe even a disciple of Donovan’s character – has a “10 Rings of the Mandarin” tattoo on the left side of his neck. This raises some big questions, and Hank Pym’s “be careful” line to Cross suggests maybe he’s just one of several groups angling for this huge advance in technology.

Ant-Man Evangeline Lilly

47. Lilly got more Hope into the movie – Talking to Evangeline Lilly, she reveals once the script was in flux, she met with Paul Rudd in NY and made some suggestions to beef up her character. They were taken into consideration by Rudd, Marvel and others and then implemented into the film.

48. Daddy issues – Hope is a senior lead scientist at Pym Tech. She’s on the board of directors and has lots of influence. In fact, it was her vote that ousted Pym from the company several years ago. It’s one of the big issues between the two and is part of what she loves abou the character. You never know if she’s good or bad. (Though, later footage reveals that may just be the public persona of the character.)

49. Is she Wasp? – Lilly wouldn’t say if Hope becomes the Wasp by the end of the film, but she said that “Marvel made her physically capable” and that “almost” all of her action was based in reality, not on green screen. She didn’t say “all” of it. But she did say she signed a multi-picture deal.

50. The film has political undertones – A political science buff, Lilly loves how the Marvel Movies have a lot of political subtext. In this film, she believes it explores the notion of absolute power.

51. There’s no love triangle – Hope is not happy Hank chose Scott instead of her to be the new Ant-Man and it creates a ton of animosity between them. She said there really isn’t a lot of romance in the film, but hinted there was at least a little. Which is odd considering she described her character as “dour and horrible.”

52. Cross wants one thing – “He just wants Pym to tell him he’s proud of him,” says Corey Stoll. That’s the reason for everything.

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