I Want to Play a Game: All 81 ‘Saw’ Kills Ranked

30. Suzanne: The Impalement Wheel (Saw 3D)

Suzanne lays flat on a metal table connected to this gigantic spherical-ish structure. The whole rig begins to push her into a vertical position, the final stance which will shove spiked poles into her eyes and mouth. Bobby can save Suzanne by lifting weights that halt movement, but at the same time two prods pierce his sides. On and off, he attempts to save Suzanne, but the pain is too much. Suzanne is opened up, blood gushing from her life-ending wounds.

29. Danica Scott: Deep Freeze (Saw III)

Jeff, Saw III’s main protagonist, has the chance to free Danica. She pleads, admitting her guilt of not coming forth as a witness to Jeff’s son’s death. Jeff wrestles with letting the naked, hanging girl get covered with water that immediately freezes, but ultimately goes for the key – getting his own face stuck to a frosty metal pole. He takes too long and gets back to Danica, but she’s a human popsicle by then.

28. Ashley Kazon: The Collar Row (Saw V)

Five subjects notice wired collars connecting them to a wall with bladed headrests. Keys sit in glass boxes across the room. One by one, the victims must use the slack of everyone else’s wiring to reach their salvation. All succeed except Ashley, who’s ripped backwards and decapitated.

27. Rex: Spike Trap (Saw IV)

Rex and Morgan find themselves connected by rods impaling deliberate areas on each victim’s body. Rex’s stabs would be fatal, Morgan’s only flesh wounds. Rex begins to plead with his wife, but she’s already began pulling out the spikes. Rex holds on, except his bloody hands are no match as Morgan lets a warrior’s cry with each removed rod. Time to sever the ties that bind, quite literally!

26. Debbie: Steam Maze (Saw VI)

Despite all Debbie’s rage, she’s still just a rat in Jigsaw’s steam cage (NAILED IT). But really, Debbie is stuck in a steam maze that William must guide her through. When she reaches a wall of hot, scalding steam, William must redirect to a pipe above and absorb her pain. The funny part? He does! Debbie makes it through, but then she starts waving around a power saw all Leatherface style, trying to slice William open because of a Jigsaw twist. William fights her off, and she’s impaled in the head with a spike.

Oh, sorry. Did I not mention Debbie has a harness contraption fixed to her frontside that will shoot a metal spike through her head once a timer runs out?

22-25. Kara/Dan/Jake/Evan: Horsepower Trap (Saw 3D)

Some skinhead lookin’ types are brutally murdered by Jigsaw in numerous ways, all tied to the same trap. Kara is bound by barbed wire under a jacked-up car’s rear wheel. Dan is wrapped in chains and pierced through his jaw with a metal ring. Jake is chained to a garage door in front of the car. Evan, who can save them all, is glued to the car’s driver’s seat, a killswitch in reach if he can peel his back skin off. Can he shed the sins of his past? Um, no.

Evan (played by the late Chester Bennington) stretches his flesh as far as it can, but to no use. The car crushes Kara’s face and speeds over her body, Dan has his arms and jaw pulled off, Jake gets hit square-on by the car and Evan gets ejected through the broken windshield (death by impact).

21. Michael Marks: The Death Mask (Saw II)

Michael comes-to and discovers a nail-clamp contraption fixed to his head. His instructional tape begins, only to find the key to his salvation has been implanted behind his eye. Cut back his flesh, unlock the iron slammer. Wimp out, and the cranial trap snaps shut. What happens? Well, Michael makes my list, so you better believe his new mask goes all Venus fly trap.

20. Dr. Lynn Denlon: Shotgun Collar (Saw III)

Lynn’s fate is directly tied to Jigsaw. He dies, her shotgun-shell collar blasts her head into a million pieces. No pressure, right? Well, Lynn almost gets freed as Saw III ends until a scuffle with Jeff, Jigsaw and Amanda lands a gunshot in her stomach. Bleeding out, she relies on Jeff to forgive Jigsaw and let him live – which he doesn’t do. As Jigsaw’s heart blips one last time, the collar does what it does best. Goodbye head.

19. Charles Saumn: Bomb Shelter Of Death (Saw V)

Every Saw movie has that character you hate to hate, none more than Charles. When faced with three lockable shelters in a room full of rigged explosives and four living bodies, he immediately beats Mallick to the ground. Survival of the fittest! He then gets to whacking all the hanging jars in order to locate three necessary keys, but just as he’s about to save himself, karma strikes in the form of a blunt object to the back of the head. Luba – fed up with Charles’ shit – gives Mallick the chance to escape with herself and Brit. Charles is left in the blast zone, his body blown apart and charred like smoked meat. Would you like a thigh or rib? Unfortunately all Jigsaw has is dark meat…

18. Brenda: OW OW, You’re On My Hair! (Saw IV)

As Lt. Rigg faces his first challenge, a blond-haired escort girl finds her golden locks wrapped around a pole. Gears grind, pulling the hair back inch by inch. Just before that trap fully scalps her – blood running from a separated gash like one of Maniac’s mannequins – Rigg saves the day! She even gets a bloody new pompadour look! But, uh, then she attacks Rigg at knifepoint and gets thrown through a mirror..

14-17. Aaron/Gena/Dave/Josh: Killer Carousel (Saw VI)

Six associates are strapped to a twirling playground carousel, only two will leave – at William’s choosing. One by one the ride stops, putting a victim in front of a makeshift auto shotgun cobbled together with bike parts. William has the chance to use two “pass” button hits, absorbing their pain and aiming the gun away.

Aaron first, a healthy young man who gets blasted in the chest. Emily second, because William cannot let her children grow up motherless. Third Gena, who gets shot while lying about being pregnant. Fourth Dave, another death. This leaves Shelby and Josh, and when it stops on Shelby first, William uses his free pass. This leaves Josh, knowing that William can only watch as the shotgun spends its last shell. “LOOK AT ME! WHEN YOU’RE KILLING ME YOU LOOK AT ME,” shouts his Jigsaw’s last spinning victim. Quite possibly the most chilling line uttered throughout the entire Saw franchise.

13. Obi Tate: The Furnace (Saw II)

Most Saw films plant someone on the inside, and in Saw II, that man is Obi – kidnapper of at least one other victim. He’s given redemption by way of a gigantic metallic furnace that he hops into no questions asked. Two antidote syringes dangle. Couldn’t be easier, right? Wrong. The door slams shut and flames ignite row-by-row. A “Twist This” knob taunts out of grasp thanks to intense heat, a cartoon devil watching him burn alive. Hope you like your Obi well done!

12. William Easton: Eaten Away From The Inside (Saw VI)

William Easton, the man who played God with health insurance, finds his life in someone else’s hands come Jigsaw’s final test. His sister Pamela must watch as the Abbott family decides whether William dies simply by flipping a switch (William sentenced Mr. Abbott to death by denying him coverage). Tara Abbott is going to spare William, but Brent isn’t as forgiving. He flips a switch and brings a nail bed of needles filled with hydrofluoric acid crashing down. William can only weep as his insides are eaten away until his bottom half splits from his top, pinkish organs spilling all over the floor, his torso still pinned to the Abbott’s cage.

11. Seth Baxter: The Pendulum (Saw V)

A criminal released from prison after five years on a technicality, another trap that was never meant for escape. Seth crushed his hands – destroying the things that killed as Jigsaw instructs – but it’s all for naught. His restraints never loosen, as he can only watch a swinging, razor-sharp pendulum dip lower until his abdomen is sliced in two. Every back-and-forth motion throws chunks of reddish flesh and insides around the room.

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