Kaepernick & America Release Date, Trailer, And More

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Colin Kaepernick is one of few names in professional sports that many, many people who don't otherwise much care about football (or sports at all for that matter) know. Kaepernick was, at one point, one of the most promising quarterbacks in the NFL, taking the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl, with the team losing to the Baltimore Ravens. Even so, Kaepernick appeared to be a rising star in the sport. 

Then everything changed.

Kaepernick started taking a knee during the National Anthem at games as a form of peaceful protest to bring awareness to racial injustice in America. It became a gigantic story that extended well beyond the world of sports, making Kaepernick a target for conservatives and a central figure in the political conversation for a time. Despite having lots of promise, the quarterback hasn't played a game in the NFL since January 1, 2017. Now, the whole saga is being put under a microscope with a new documentary, "Kaepernick & America." For those who are interested in taking a look back at this entire saga through a new lens, we're here to give you all of the need-to-know details.

Here is everything you need to know about "Kaepernick & America."

Kaepernick & America release date and where you can watch it

The documentary is set to be released on Friday, September 2, 2022. The good news is that it will be readily available as it will be streaming via On Demand on virtually every platform imaginable. This includes being able to rent and/or purchase on Prime Video and Apple TV, as well as other major digital video marketplaces. It will also be available through On Demand channels from cable and satellite providers, such as AT&T, Charter, Comcast, Dish, and Verizon Fios. So there will be no shortage of options for viewers.

What is Kaepernick & America?

"Kaepernick & America" is a feature-length documentary that seeks to examine Colin Kaepernick and his protest, exploring the conflict stirred by his seemingly simple gesture of kneeling during the National Anthem. 

As the film's distributor Dark Star Pictures puts it: 

Kaep's knee touched down on the divide between America's Black and white tectonic plates, creating an earthquake in the eternal race debate. The aftershocks of his singular gesture have already rippled through our country for years.

Kaepernick & America director, crew, and more

The documentary is directed by Tommy Walker and Ross Hockrow. 

Walker is coming off of "Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am," while Hockrow is coming off the series "The Fieldhouse." In addition to serving as co-director, Hockrow is also the editor of the doc. While there is no cast to speak of, the film includes conversations with Don Lemon, DeRay Mckesson, Pam Oliver, Steve Wyche, Nate Boyer, Hue Jackson, and April Dinwoodie.

Kaepernick & America trailer and synopsis

A trailer for the documentary has been released by Dark Star Pictures that offers an overview of what viewers can expect from the film. It includes a great deal of archival footage from Kaepernick's games, as well as footage from protests, civil unrest, and even political footage from the 2016 presidential campaign that was going on at the time. We have also included a brief synopsis for the movie, which you can check out below.

Ever since he started to oppose police brutality, civil rights activist and former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's actions have reverberated worldwide as shown in this documentary.