Jared Padalecki Knew Not Every Supernatural Script Had To Be A 'Home Run'

"Supernatural" is dark, mysterious, and suspenseful, but it's also a hell of a lot of fun. The dynamic between on-screen brothers Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles respectively) can reduce any viewer to tears, at least every once in a while, and it can also get pretty absurd sometimes. Showrunner Eric Kripke's intended tale ended with season 5, and the writer's room had to improvise to extend the story to 10 more seasons.

While the monster-of-the-week episodes were a great start for "Supernatural," it was equally fun witnessing its most bizarre storylines. Remember when Sam and Dean were transported to an animated world and helped Scooby-Doo and the gang solve a ghost story? When they trumped a biblical apocalypse? When they were stuck in a time loop that made Sam witness Dean dying over and over again? There's been some weird stuff happening during the show's last few seasons, and actor Jared Padalecki doesn't have a problem with it. The actor thinks it's totally acceptable to have "crazy episodes" where the show appears to be a sitcom, even if it doesn't always work. 

Jared Padalecki has fun with the 'bizarre' bits too

"Supernatural" has a massive fanbase, and that's probably why the writer's team has been confident in exploring the most bizarre concepts. In an episode from season 11, the entire storyline is told from the perspective of Dean's car, the famous 1967 Chevrolet Impala. It's safe to say that not many television shows can pull that off, but of course, "Supernatural" successfully did.

In an interview with PopSugar, Jared Padalecki went over the more outlandish tales that unraveled in the series, explaining that it was fair for every episode not to feel like a "home run." After all, he once portrayed himself on "Supernatural." Padalecki said:

"It's fairly unique to Supernatural that we can do these crazy episodes where it's a sitcom or it's CSI: Miami or a Japanese game show or whatever. I have played Jared Padalecki on Supernatural; it's just so bizarre. There was one scene where it's Jensen and Jared playing Sam and Dean playing Jensen and Jared playing Sam and Dean. That is literally it."

All's well as long as the fans appreciate it

The paranormal drama's massive community of fans always appreciate how creative "Supernatural" can get. As long as the viewers are pleased, Padalecki has no problems about the show getting weird. The actor said:

"The writers and actors feel like even if it's not a home run, the fans will still appreciate it and stick with us. I am really excited about the episode. It is going to be a show unlike any other in Supernatural history. As soon as I read it I was like, "That's awesome!" There is fun stuff where we're in the car, and you can hear it but you can't see it. It is going to be so cool. You'll get all the warm and fuzzies."

During its 15-season run, "Supernatural" fans have seen some mind-boggling sequences — they've watched their favorite on-screen brothers get killed and resurrected, and they've seen them wage war against God himself. They've done the inconceivable to stop evil from wreaking havoc on the world — and if saving the universe means befriending Scooby-Doo's gang for a day, they're clearly on board. All I'm going to say is, at least it's not "Riverdale."