You Can Own This Amazing Lifelike Animatronic Grogu Puppet For A Cool $100,000

As I walked the floor of San Diego Comic-Con for the few minutes I was brave enough to do so (even with a mask on), I passed a tiny little green guy who was waving his arms around, peeping and cooing at the crowd. It was an animatronic Grogu! There were too many people clustered around it for me to feel comfortable going over there, but he was so realistic, squirming around in his little egg-shaped pram that it was very difficult to resist. 

If you didn't make it down to Comic-Con this year, you can still hang with Grogu ... if you have enough spare credits. You might want to sell any Beskar you have though, because this animatronic creature from EFX Collectibles is going to set you back anywhere from $85,000 to $100,000, according to The Gamer

If you're afraid you'll have to pick up an extra smuggling job or five on the side to afford that, I'm happy to let you know that there is a video that gives you a look at the baby, and let's you listen to him gurgle. "Adam Savage's Tested" sent Norman Chan down to interview the people behind the project and get all the info. Grogu is in the shot for almost the entire thing, so you'll get plenty of baby time before the third season of "The Mandalorian" on Disney+.

This little creature was made with help from Legacy Effects, who created Grogu for the show. They gave EFX Collectibles the pattern for the robe, fabric samples, paint masters for the eyes, and the master patterns for the head, ears, and hands, according to CEO/President Bryan Ono. He's incredibly accurate, up to and including his widdle fingernails. 

I want to own the baby

EFX Collectibles partnered with Garner Holt Productions for the project. Garner Holt is known for creating animatronic figures for theme parks, and Bill Butler, Vice President of Creative Development for the company, says this was a big challenge. The main reason is because Grogu is so little. They had to fit 15 servos in a head the size of a cantaloupe, he explained. They ended up finding a solution by hiding many of them in his little pram. 

These are made to order, so they can do up to 25 servos that let Grogu do more things ... for more credits, of course. One possibility (which they show in the video) is that you can have him move the little silver knob from Mando's ship that he loves so much from hand to hand. One of the reasons Garner Holt was called in was for longevity. Theme park animatronics aren't there just for a few shots in a series. They have to run all day, as Butler explains. 

This looks so real! I'm very much lamenting my lack of disposable income right now.