Every Live-Action Albert Wesker From Resident Evil Ranked

When you think of iconic video game villains, Albert Wesker from the "Resident Evil" franchise is likely one of the first characters that comes to mind. Of course, this isn't without good reason — Wesker is a great villain and is still compelling to this day. Although he's arguably the embodiment of pure evil, you can't help but at least let him finish his villainous monologues about the sanctity of science.

It's for this reason and many more that Wesker continues to crop up in the "Resident Evil" franchise. In "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard," it's revealed that his research into the T-virus culminated in the creation of the Albert-01 Samurai Edge gun, a weapon that the player can acquire which is used to kill those infected with the E-series BOW virus. Even if he is canonically dead in the games, his impact on the franchise cannot be overstated, resulting in him making numerous appearances in the live-action adaptations.

Even if there hasn't yet been a "Resident Evil" adaptation quite on par with the games, their Weskers are, admittedly, some of their best parts. It doesn't matter whether it's because they're goofy or genuinely good characters. In celebration of yet another Wesker iteration making its debut, let's rank each one from the film franchise, objectively, from worst to best.

5. Resident Evil opening Wesker (Eric Pirius)

Look, I'm going to be honest about why this Wesker is rated so low. It's because there was absolutely nothing for me to really work with other than his great delivery of "wait, don't go!" Unfortunately, considering how there are no other live-action cutscenes in the game, his ultimate reveal as a baddie doesn't quite count towards this ranking. Sorry!

Threat level: Obviously, we don't find out until later that Wesker is actually a major threat, but if you were a first-time player in 1996, you'd probably just think he was either a cool guy or a dork rather than a harbinger of doom.

Physical menace: Maybe this is a sign that I'm one of /Film's resident zoomers, but I can't take this Wesker seriously. The crispy yellow hair makes him look like a bad cosplay rather than a badass.

Dateability: His Raccoon City stories might be fun to listen to, but other than that, he seems like the kind of guy who would only talk about himself. Plus, he seems like he'd ask you to pick up the check.

4. Welcome to Raccoon City Wesker (Tom Hopper)

While he's technically the most accurately-adapted Wesker on this list, he ultimately suffers from the same problem the entire movie did: being so similar to the original version of the character that he becomes boring. Sure, he isn't entirely evil like other adaptations have been, but that evilness and selfishness make him more appealing. This Wesker just got bored — that's basically the gist of his betrayal, and it's both hilarious and really stupid.

Threat level: While he might talk a big game, he ultimately doesn't really seem that intimidating. Sure, he ultimately turned against STARS, but he just as quickly turned against Umbrella, and for what? To not even get infected with the T-virus, but get shot by your former teammate because you were a jerk?

Physical menace: Before he was "killed" at William Birkin's lab, he had the stature of any random buff guy at the gym. Now that he's been reanimated, presumably by the T-virus, he's the exact same way, but now he's got sunglasses and maybe potential abilities.

Dateability: This Wesker seems very boring, too boring in fact. Dare I say that he might be one of those guys who has a photo on his Tinder profile of him holding a fish? Because he gives me that vibe.

3. Extinction Wesker (Jason O'Mara)

It took Paul W.S. Anderson three movies to introduce Wesker into the "Resident Evil" film series, and when he finally arrived, it was a bit underwhelming. He only appeared in one scene, in a boardroom meeting, sporting the most realistic hairline that any Wesker has had to date. The scene isn't anything special, but it does establish this version of Wesker as another extremely powerful person within Umbrella, which will become important later on.

Threat level: Considering he's only seen as a hologram, he can't do a lot of physical damage. However, he can certainly threaten your position and life, so he's still not somebody you should mess with.

Physical menace: "Resident Evil: Extinction" was the first movie that Wesker had ever appeared in, but he wasn't in it for long. All we see of him is his upper body, as he remains seated throughout his scenes. It's hard to get a glimpse of how big and tall he is. Thankfully, Anderson gave us a more clearly beefy Wesker in later films.

Dateability: The other problem with this version of Wesker is that he only appears as a hologram, and nobody really likes long-distance dating. He seems like a good listener and all, but there's got to be a physical connection at the root of any relationship.

2. Series Wesker (Lance Reddick)

When you think about it, Netflix's version of Wesker is the ideal man, when you ignore the whole "helping to cause the apocalypse" thing. He's attentive, great with kids, and is the right amount of goofy. He's also likely the softest out of all the other Weskers, attempting at first to do the right thing before higher Umbrella forces get to him. He might not be the most faithful adaptation of the character, but he's just too endearing and likable to not rank this high!

Threat level: We all saw that school meeting scene. Enough said.

Physical menace: Okay, so maybe he's not the more terrifying person in a physical sense. He's probably the most normal-looking Wesker on this list, especially since they've honed in on the character's scientist beginnings. However, he's still got the boring eyes that are needed to make you feel uncomfortable in his presence.

Dateability: Let's say that all of the obvious red flags weren't there — this Wesker could be a great boyfriend. Unfortunately, he seems a bit too wrapped up in his work, meaning that he'd probably prioritize you last. Sad, but understandable.

1. Afterlife/Retribution/Final Chapter Wesker (Shawn Roberts)

There's a lot that you can say about Anderson's "Resident Evil" movies, but you can't deny that they aren't at least entertaining in parts. One of these parts is the Wesker that was teased back in "Extinction," now played by Shawn Roberts in a performance so serious that it's hard not to love him. "Resident Evil" works best when it manages to combine goofiness with genuine terror (don't lie and say you don't find the design of Lady Dimitrescu kind of funny). Oh, and he's also partially responsible for this truly wonderful moment in YouTube history.

Threat level: Admittedly, this Wesker does have quite a bit of threat behind him. Hell, he's got the T-virus swimming through him, resulting in him becoming somewhat immortal and having mouth tentacles. Still, he moves pretty slowly for someone who supposedly has super speed.

Physical menace: Good grief, the dude looks like a thick Ken doll, right down to the disgustingly-hairsprayed 'do. Even if he does look a little silly, this Wesker still looks like he could either snap you in half or beat you to a pulp if you wronged him.

Dateability: There are absolutely no thoughts going on in that dude's brain other than Umbrella. Think of that "Kitten Thinks of Nothing But Murder All Day" article from The Onion, and imagine that kitten being a grown man. Plus, he'll probably want you to die, so good luck getting a second date out of him.