The Witcher Season 3 Adds Robbie Amell, Shang-Chi's Meng'er Zhang As Milva

Now that production for Netflix's "The Witcher" season 3 has started, the series has revealed the addition of 4 new cast members, including Robbie Amell, best known for her role in "Upload" and "Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City," alongside Meng'er Zhang, who played the badass Xu Xialing in "Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings" (via Variety). Hugh Skinner of "Fleabag" and "Falling for Figaro" fame has also joined "The Witcher" team, along with Christelle Elwin, who starred in "Half Bad" and "Bloods."

Warning: spoilers for "The Witcher" ahead.

More potential allies (and foes) in The Continent

"The Witcher" season 2 ended with Geralt (Henry Cavill) realizing that Ciri (Freya Allen) is not safe at Kaer Morhen, as multiple parties are currently vying for her Elder Blood. On the other hand, Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) regains her powers, and the true identity of Emperor Emhyr is revealed. These events heighten the tension in the series, as Ciri's safety is now more paramount than ever, and new and old players will stop at nothing to fulfill their respective agendas.

The Elves play a critical role in the equation, with elven sorceress Francesca (Mecia Simson) realizing how valuable Ciri would prove to be for her race. Enter Gallatin, an elven fighter who leads a guerilla army on the behalf of Nilfgaard, a character to be played by Amell. Gallatin is a new character in "The Witcher" universe, as he does not exist in "The Witcher" games or books, and he has been described as someone "unafraid to speak his truth" and on a "collision course" with Francesca.

Zhang will play Milva, an archer from Upper Sodden, and one of the few non-dryads in Brokilon. In the books and their succeeding adaptations, Milva joined Geralt in his search for Ciri, who was in Nilfgaard at the time. While it is unclear whether the series will be following this exact storyline, Milva and Geralt might cross paths at some point in season 3.

Skinner will be playing Prince Radovid, younger brother to Vizimir (Ed Birch), the king of Redania. While Vizimir does not have a brother named Radovid in "The Witcher" canon, there is a long line of Radovids in the Redanian dynasty, with Radovid the Stern being featured in "The Witcher" games. On the other hand, Elwin is set to Mistle, a member of The Rats, a young gang of criminals in Geso, known for stealing from the rich. At some point in the books, Ciri has no choice but to join the Rats and Mistle stands up for her when the group is divided about taking her in.

The official logline for "The Witcher" season 3 is as follows:

"As monarchs, mages, and beasts of the Continent compete to capture her, Geralt takes Ciri of Cintra into hiding, determined to protect his newly-reunited family against those who threaten to destroy it. Entrusted with Ciri's magical training, Yennefer leads them to the protected fortress of Aretuza, where she hopes to discover more about the girl's untapped powers; instead, they discover they've landed in a battlefield of political corruption, dark magic, and treachery. They must fight back, put everything on the line — or risk losing each other forever."

A release date for season 3 of "The Witcher" has not been revealed yet.