Mondo Reveals New Godzilla Posters And Jet Jaguar Vinyl Figure [Exclusive]

Mondo has come to the rescue again! In collaboration with the legendary Japanese film company TOHO, the pop culture collectibles company will release new posters for one of Kazuki Ōmori's kaiju films, "Godzilla vs. Biollante." However, the good news for hardcore "Godzilla" fans does not end there, as per the details of this exclusive /Film reveal. Mondo will also be releasing posters for Motoyoshi Oda's "Godzilla Raids Again," soft vinyl figures of the heroic mecha, Jet Jaguar, and a vinyl soundtrack for "Rebirth of Mothra."

You can check out all the goods, as well as pricing and release details, below!

Godzilla vs. Biollante

Released in 1989, "Godzilla vs. Biollante" became a seminal installment of the franchise's Heisei era, as it featured Biollante, a monster born from the amalgamation of Godzilla's cells, the cells of a plant, and that of a woman (!).

The "Godzilla vs. Biollante" posters are the work of Mondo regular Tom Whalen, who previously designed the regular and variant edition posters for 1965's "Invasion of Astro-Monster." The regular poster measures 36" x 24", with nine-color screenprint with metallic inks, and is priced at $55. This will be a limited print run of only 275, so you'll want to keep an eye out if you want to snag one.

The English variant is the same size and is an eight-color screenprint with metallic inks, and is priced at $75. This edition will have 150 posters available.

Both versions of the poster will go on sale on Mondo's store tomorrow, April 7, 2022, at an unannounced time. Keep an eye on Mondo's Twitter feed for when they'll go on sale.

Godzilla Raids Again

"Godzilla Raids Again" was released in 1955, zeroing in on Japan's struggle for survival after Godzilla's return, and his destructive battle with long-term nemesis, Anguirus. This was Anguirus' first appearance in the franchise, and his presence is vital: he is one of the first monsters to battle Godzilla on the big screen. Since Motoyoshi Oda's film, Anguirus has gone on to act as Godzilla's enemy and ally (alternatively, depending on the narrative) in films such as "Godzilla vs Gigan," "Godzilla vs Megalon," and "Godzilla: Final Wars." 

Artist Attack Peter has been a seminal figure in bringing the franchise to life in poster form, and he's back with a beautiful linocut poster for "Godzilla Raids Again." Attack Peter's artwork is indeed unique and worth coveting, as the linocut print is painstakingly crafted on handmade Lokta paper from Nepal. The poster itself is available in a one-color scheme, measures 20" x 30", and each poster is printed, signed, and numbered by Attack Peter himself. There are only 120 of these available, and it will cost you $100.

 Check out the mind-blowing details of the poster below.

Like the other posters, this will go on sale tomorrow, April 7, 2022, on Mondo's online store. You'll need to act quickly to snag one of these.

Jet Jaguar Soft Vinyl

Jet Jaguar is not exclusively a TOHO creation — it was the result of a contest the company had in 1972, wherein "Godzilla" fans were asked to come up with a new hero for the company to use onscreen. The winner of the contest resembled a mix between Ultraman and Mazinger Z, and the altered result was Jet Jaguar, who went on to star in "Godzilla vs. Megalon." 

Mondo has revealed the first in a new line of Jet Jaguar collectibles: a soft vinyl figure replete with the full costume of the mecha hero, including the floodlights in his eyes that can blind an opponent when required. Check out the description of the figure, along with a few stills of the collectible below: 

"This soft vinyl figure is the first in our line of JET JAGUAR collectibles, featuring a colorway inspired by the seminal GODZILLA VS. MEGALON. Beautifully designed by Rocom, sculpted by Tufan Sezer, and painted by Hector Arce, this is one figure that no Toho fan will want to miss our on. Clear your shelf and let JET JAGUAR land!"

The details on the soft vinyl look stunning, and the retro-style packaging, by Rocom and Mike Bonanno, is perfect. The figure stands 7.75" tall and is priced at $85. These will go on sale on Mondo's online store tomorrow, April 7, 2022 (with shipping expected for August), so keep your eyes peeled.

Return of Motha Vinyl Soundtrack

But wait, that's not all! Mondo will also be releasing an exclusive vinyl soundtrack for "Rebirth of Mothra," the 1996 Japanese kaiju film directed by Okihiro Yoneda, with special effects by Kōichi Kawakita and a classic score by Toshiyuki Watanabe. The soundtrack will feature artwork by Florian Bertmer and is "pressed on 140g Mothra's wings vinyl" and "housed inside a gatefold silver laminate reflective board jacket with obi strip." This will cost you $30, and will be a numbered edition of only 2000. So you know the drill: act quickly if you want it!

Here's how Mondo describes this release:

When an ancient monster that laid waste to planets when the dinosaurs roamed Earth is accidentally released from its underground prison, there's only one kaiju you can count on to defend us all: Mothra! Directed by Okihiro Yoneda with a story by the great GODZILLA creator Tomoyuki Tanaka, REBIRTH OF MOTHRA sees the legendary lepidopteran protect the human race from Belvera, the evil sister of Mothra's twin priestesses. She wants to destroy the world with the superspace demon beast Desghidorah, a three-headed extraterrestrial dragon. But Belvera and her monster aren't counting on the larva of Mothra joining the fight. Enter Mothra Leo! Brought into score REBIRTH OF MOTHRA was Toshiyuki Watanabe, son of the great tokusatsu and anime composer Michiaki Watanabe (YOKAI MONSTERS: 100 MONSTERS, MAZINGER Z), who lived up to his legacy by supplying a bold and thrilling orchestral score. Watanabe's music is full of ethereal beauty, with a fantastic opening title cue replete with a glorious female choir to celebrate Earth's greatest defender and full-blooded brass magnificence as Mothra and son fight against the evil Belvera and Desghidora. And of course, it wouldn't be complete without Yuji Koseki's classic Mothra's Song: Over time, oversea, like a wave – our guardian angel!

You can view the stunning vinyl cover for the soundtrack below.

The "Rebirth of Mothra" vinyl will be available for purchase on Mondo's online store on April 20, 2022.