Evil Season 3 Premiere Date Revealed In New Teaser

A brand new teaser for "Evil" season 3 has been released by Paramount+ and the supernatural drama is back with its telltale offbeat horror-humor combo. "Evil" has always been gutsy enough to ask uncomfortable questions via a narrative that is both chilling and funny at the same time, and now it's coming back — and we can't wait. The teaser in question allows a glimpse into the return of the central characters, namely forensic psychologist Kristen Bouchard (Katja Herbers), Father David Acosta (Mike Colter), devil's advocate Ben (Aasif Mandvi), and the diabolical Dr. Leland Townsend (Michael Emerson). Things seem to be getting more hellish and tempting, as the characters find themselves in the midst of yet another delicious conundrum. 

Check out the official teaser for "Evil" season 3 below.

'The forbidden is always desirable'

Season 2 of "Evil" ended with Kristen going to the newly-ordained David to confess her unfaithfulness and the fact that he murdered her serial killer rival, LeRoux, and got away with it. David breaks his vow of chastity and finally kisses her, and the two surrender their feelings for one another, although, given the tone of the tone, the kiss is bound to have major ramifications (in a really hellish way).

Season 3 will most definitely delve deeper into these temptations, furthering blurring the line between science and religion, prophesies, and hallucinations, which is honestly what makes the show so fun to unravel. A lot seems to be going down in the latest teaser, from blood ominously oozing out of a toilet to Kristen sporting a forked tongue (!) while things get hot and heavy with David. Season 3 of "Evil" appears to be upping the creep factor, further straying into the territory of the horrifyingly absurd.

The upcoming season of "Evil" marks the new deal between CBS Studios and showrunners Robert and Michelle King, and Season 3 will be the first season of "Evil" created exclusively for streaming on Paramount+. It is only a matter of time before fans of the show find out what exactly is in store for their beloved characters, as the show carries out a delicate balancing act between chilling horror and subversive sexuality.

Check out the official logline for "Evil" below:

"A skeptical female clinical psychologist joins a priest-in-training and a blue-collar contractor as they investigate the church's backlog of supposed miracles, demonic possession, and other extraordinary occurrences to see if there's a scientific explanation or if something truly supernatural is at work, examining the origins of evil along the dividing line between science and religion."

Season 3 of "Evil" will premiere on June 12, 2022, and follow a weekly release schedule, available exclusively for streaming on Paramount+.