Moon Knight Shot In One Of Cinema's Most Iconic Locations

The highly anticipated "Moon Knight" series will be Marvel's first foray into in-depth Egyptian mythology and lore, which is an integral part of the "Moon Knight" comics. Shooting in locations such as Hungary helped shape the tone and feel of the show, and get this — "Moon Knight" was also shot in one of cinema's most iconic locations: The deserts of Jordan, where the seminal "Lawrence of Arabia" was shot.

The series will heavily lean on the archaeological context of Egyptian history and culture, and while the "Lawrence of Arabia" desert is not actually located in Egypt itself, the country of Jordan is only a hop, skip, and a jump away on the map. Shooting where a cinematic classic once filmed only adds to the excitement.

The knight of the moon in a desert vista

Most MCU offerings have been heavily reliant on CGI (which is not necessarily a bad thing), allowing for strange worlds to come to life; think of the interdimensional realms and creatures witnessed in something like "Loki." While "Moon Knight" will also be embracing this trend, the series has been shot over various locations in an attempt to capture the wide variety of tones in the show, ranging from frenetic mystery and historical exploration of some of the world's most ancient religio-cultural aspects.

Ethan Hawke, who plays "sane lunatic" Arthur Harrow in the series, has expressed his excitement about the opportunity of shooting in various locations for the series, marking the difference between this and working with a green screen. While working with CG was "kind of fun acting" for Hawke, allowing room for improvisation, he talked about the thrill of shooting where "Lawrence of Arabia" was shot (via Murphy's Multiverse):

"I enjoyed all that, pretending something was there, pretending you're on top of a pyramid, but then when you're really in the desert, it's so beautiful [...]. I felt some kind of connection to the cinema history of the desert. And the people there in Jordan treated us so well, and it elevated our collective imagination, I think, and it broadened the scope of the show."

The choice to shoot at such an iconic location must have undoubtedly added a whole other dimension to the narrative approach for the show, hopefully leading to some unforgettable sequences shot in the desert. It remains to be seen how the story takes a turn and goes full "Indiana Jones" or "The Mummy," but the anticipation for the live-action series continues to crest in advance of its premiere tomorrow.

The first episode of "Moon Knight" arrives on Disney+ on March 30, 2022.