Halo Star And Proud Canadian Pablo Schreiber Wants To Play Wolverine

It's been a long-time coming, but we finally have a big-budget live-action "Halo" TV show. Based on the iconic video game franchise of the same name, which centers on an intergalactic war between humanity and an alien race called The Covenant. Pablo Schreiber stars as Master Chief, a usually masked, genetically enhanced super-soldier who encounters an artifact that has huge consequences for the war, and the universe as he knows it.

But apparently, Schreiber has his eye on another genetically enhanced super-soldier, one that has fought in many wars, but has never been played on the big screen by an actual Canadian before. That's right, Schreiber is throwing his mountie hat in the ice hockey ring to play The Wolverine himself, Logan.

Another tall Wolverine?

Speaking with The Playlist Bingeworthy podcast, Schreiber discussed the various attempts at joining the Marvel universe, with discussions happening at several points in the actor's career, even though, "We've never been able to find the right thing at the right time."

Of course, being Canadian, Schreiber did talk about the famous Canadian mutant Wolverine, a role he seems enthusiastic about.

"Oh goodness, yeah. Well, we've flirted with that one for a while. That would be fantastic and would certainly be a dream casting. He's actually my favorite hero from a child. He was always my favorite comic book, so yeah. I've had a long, long flirtation with that guy."

Now that Hugh Jackman is officially, definitely, 100% done with playing Wolverine, it is only a matter of time before the role gets recast in a future project (after all, look at how often we get a new Batman!). While Schreiber seems like a good enough choice — he is fit, looks rough and grizzled, plus he is indeed Canadian — he faces the same problem Jackman did: he is just too darn tall! Schreiber is even taller than Jackman, who was already way taller than how most fans see the character. Sure, Jackman was able to make the role his own despite the height difference, and Schreiber could very well do the same, but maybe it's best to look for someone a bit more screen accurate? 

In the meantime, you can catch Schreiber as Master Chief in the "Halo" show, now streaming on Paramount+.